Mod, Upgrade or Repair with Our SKS Accessories and Parts

Mod, Upgrade or Repair with Our SKS Accessories and Parts

Dec 21st 2020

The SKS, or Samozaryadny Karabin Sistemy Simonova, is one of the most famous and influential rifles ever produced. Though it is, categorically, a Russian rifle, the platform was widely disseminated throughout the world after WW2 and during the height of the Cold War. today it remains wildly popular with collectors and recreational shooters, among others. The thing about these rifles, which might even be called “antiques” is that they, like all other tools, require maintenance and attention from time to time.

There are so many uses for the unique and hard-to-find SKS accessories and parts on our website that picking a jumping off point is downright tough. Let’s put it this way, if you’re looking for a part or an accessory for the infamous “Red Rifle,” you’re in absolutely the perfect place right here. At Sarco, Inc., we pride ourselves on delivering parts and accessories that are not only hard to find but essential. Here are just some of the repairs, upgrades and modifications you can make to your SKS with our accessories, whether your model is in a firing state or you just keep it as a collectible.

-Add a new mag - Most SKS rifles come with a clip that can be loaded with 10 rounds of 7.62x39mm ammo, which is not very impressive when you consider the limitations this imposes on a semi-automatic platform, and a light infantry rifle no less. If your SKS is compatible with a magazine, we offer upgrades that will give you the ability to send way more brass downrange with less time reloading. Check out our collection of SKS accessories via the link above to find additional mags, including drum mags, made especially for SKS rifles.

-Replace a worn down barrel - If you don’t actually fire your SKS this might not matter much to you, but hot ammo, and a lot of it, will wear down the lands of the rifling in your barrel over time. This is why competition rifles need new barrels after every-so-many-thousand rounds. We offer SKS barrels in our collection of SKS accessories, among other things.

-Upgrade or replace the sights - Did you buy your SKS with no sights or parts missing? It’s not too uncommon to find a used rifle without sights or optics (or with other problems, for that matter) and SKS rifles are no exception. Whether you bought an SKS that lacked some sight components or you simply want to make an upgrade yourself, we offer plenty of relevant parts and tools here at Sarco, Inc.

-Upgrade your stock to replace dry rot or an older, cracked model - Many SKS rifles were outfitted with wooden stocks; almost any older model you will come across will be complete with a wood stock or at least part of one. However classy wood is, it requires a fastidious amount of attention and maintenance. The problem is, not all SKS owners are fastidious. Dry rot and water damage are common issues in used firearms, and if you need to replace an old stock, check here first!

-Replace worn out springs - Worn out springs can limit the functionality of a rifle, render it inoperable, or even unsake. Whether your SKS sorely needs a piston return spring or just an anti-rattle spring, you’ll find it here.

-Fix a broken firing pin - Believe it or not, even routine use can occasionally cause a firing pin to break, although that’s a problem most people won’t face until they’ve put many, many thousands of rounds downrange. Still, the plague of the broken firing pin is more often encountered from unintentional dry firing that causes the pin to slam forward into the back of the bolt face. If you break a firing pin, your SKS will be nothing more than a replica until you fix it - luckily, we offer firing pins here!

-Add a bayonet mount - Want to make your SKS look more authentic by including a bayonet in the build? You’ll need a bayonet screw or mount, and we offer these right here in our store!

-Keep the platform clean - If your SKS is not a wallhanger and actually sees use at the range, you will need to keep it clean. Semi automatic platforms are notorious for gumming up their own works, and some of the propellants used by cheap Russian and Chinese manufacturers of 7.62 ammo are corrosive once fired, despite their ambitious claims to the contrary. Allow the fouling to remain in the action or the barrel and you’ll be dealing with flash rust or worse.

-And much more; Call us for ideas!

These are only some of the things you can accomplish for your SKS rifle with our SKS accessories and parts, but there are many other upgrades, mods and repairs you could make to the platform with the essential parts and accessories we offer here. If you’re looking for more insightful and creating tips - just call us at 610-250-3960 and let us know what you’re looking for!