Looking for a Lee-Enfield for Sale? You’ll Also Need These

Looking for a Lee-Enfield for Sale? You’ll Also Need These

May 18th 2021

What can we say about the Lee-Enfield rifle that hasn’t already been said, somewhere, by some gun writer, competitive shooter, history enthusiast, or just overall knowledgeable person? Our guess is, not much.

Let this suffice. The Lee-Enfield rifle is, in many ways, to the English was what the M1903 is to the Americans. It is a highly influential bolt-action rifle that saw widespread service in the hands of British troops throughout the early half of the 20th century, notably through both world wars. Reliable, easy to cycle, and capable of a high rate of fire, the Lee-Enfield was beloved by those who carried it and feared by those on the other end.

It has remained popular among civilian shooters, more than fifty years after it was officially retired from service. Do you have one, or are you looking for a Lee-Enfield for sale? If you are, you can find one here, but don’t complete the purchase without getting some of the other necessaries, among the following.

1.British .303 Ammo

If you actually intend to use your Lee-Enfield rifle for competitive shooting or hunting, and it isn’t just going to fill the role of a safe queen, you’re going to need some British .303 ammo. This isn’t your typical .223 Remington or .308 Winchester, other popular short action cartridges. Even those cartridges, which are nearly ubiquitous, are almost impossible to find in the current ammo crisis. It’s leagues harder to find British .303, but if you’re going to use your Lee-Enfield, expect to need it.

Luckily, we’re experts in all things historical firearms. Call us if you need help finding ammo to go along with a Lee-Enfield for sale and we’ll help you along.

2.A new barrel (maybe)

Guess what the Lee-Enfield for sale is: it is used. It may have been lightly used. There is even always the (very small) chance that it has never been fired. These are unlikely. Most Lee-Enfields are old, and whether they’ve been cared for or not, have seen their share of rounds.

Rifle barrels do not hold up the same way smoothbore barrels do. Every round that passes through a rifle barrel takes with it an infinitesimal amount of matter from the lands of the rifling. As the rifling wears down, your groups grow.

This can be rectified with a barrel replacement, and we have barrels for these rifles in addition to our Lee-Enfields for sale.

3.A new stock (probably)

Just like a rifle barrel will wear down as rounds pass through it, a wood stock that hasn’t been meticulously maintained will be susceptible to dry rot, warping, delamination and a whole host of other unpleasant issues. Sometimes these can be addressed, other times the stock will be beyond repair.

If your Lee-Enfield is dealing with major stock problems, you can replace your stock or take it to a gunsmith to have it done. You’ll need a stock, though. We have them.

4.A new sling

We understand that the vast majority of people with Lee-Enfield rifles don’t hunt with them. Still, if you carry your rifle in the field, whether for hunting or reenactment, a sling is a valuable asset. You can easily mount them and they’ll save your arms and shoulders. They’re definitely worth the small investment.

5.A parts kit

Making repairs to a Lee-Enfield rifle will require you to know not only how to make the fix, but what to fix in the first place. None of us has the gift of foresight, and like an old car, an old firearm can experience unexpected failure of one or more critical parts. Good news - we have parts kits that come with a variety of essential parts. Being prepared for a repair often means having a kit on hand.


For whatever reason, sometimes old rifles are missing their sights. It seems like a minor inconvenience until you realize that both the value and functionality of the rifle will be severely, adversely impacted by this. We have sights, sight protectors and scope rings for Lee-Enfield rifles, everything you need to fix the issue.

7.A cleaning kit

Finally, it’s worth it to get a cleaning kit to go along with your Lee-Enfield. Keeping a firearm clean will ensure three things: that its value doesn’t plummet, that it remains operational, and that it lasts, period. Corrosion wreaks havoc. You can prevent it with responsible firearm maintenance.

More Than Just a Lee-Enfield for Sale

When you buy a new firearm (or a used one, really) you’re really buying more than just the gun. You need to buy the ammo, parts, tools and accessories that will go along with it in order to ensure it will function as intended, and that you can maintain it.

If you have any questions about what parts or accessories you should buy along with your Lee-Enfield, or you already have a Lee-Enfield and would like some suggestions, feel free to get in touch with us at 610-250-3960.