Hot New AR-Style Rifles from the SHOT Show

Hot New AR-Style Rifles from the SHOT Show

Feb 6th 2024

Who doesn’t love a new spin on a classic AR-style platform? New designs, technology, and accessories for sporting rifles are always popular, and we’re here to cover some of the releases made at the 2024 SHOT Show from a little while back.

Whether you’re looking for a brand new AR-style rifle or just want to make an AR15 with a kit, here are some new models and parts to consider.

Bishop Ammunition & Firearms M16A1S

Bishop Firearms & Ammunition is a custom manufacturer that makes high-end firearms that you can expect to set you back a few thousand dollars. Typically, they specialize in custom bolt and lever-action rifles in big bore calibers, like the .458 SOCOM Hunter and 1895 GBL Lever Action rifles.

But Bishop has also gotten into the AR game, and one of their unveilings at the recent SHOT Show looked promising: their M16A1S, a strikingly detailed clone, capturing details down to the teardrop forward assist. Actually, the M16A1S is a clone of the exact rifle that was issued to the owner of Bishop Ammunition & Firearms, herself a veteran.

High-quality, and faithful down to the most minor details, this is definitely one to look into if you are a fan of M16A1 clones.

(And, while you’re here, check out our assortment of M16 parts which you can use for repairs or when customizing a build.)

HM Defense Stealth MS3 in .300 BLK

For fans of AR-style platforms chambered in the increasingly popular .300 AAC Blackout, there’s the HM Defense Stealth MS3.

This is the first AR-style rifle that’s truly integrally suppressed - not pinned and welded. The whole barrel, gas block, and suppressor are CNC machined from one single billet of steel.

They call it “MonoBloc” technology, and  it offers some substantial advantages over conventional threaded (and even pinned and welded) suppressors.

For one, there’s no need to align the gas block and suppressor. You don’t need to buy an adapter, visit a gunsmith, or worry about a suppressor coming loose. It’s all one piece.

There’s also no risk of a baffle strike since the whole unit is one piece of steel.

You also have to look at the benefits of building an AR-style platform around .300 BLK. While it is not universally considered superior to .223/5.56, at close ranges (within 100 yards or so) the .300 BLK is a top performer that’s perfect for close quarters engagements as it delivers far superior stopping power.

But that’s just one reason - you can look into this rifle on their website and learn more if you are interested in it.

                     AR15 with a kit

Aero Precision M4E1 Pro (for AR Builds)

For anyone interested in building an AR15 with a kit, Aero Precision’s M4E1 lower receiver is something you have to check out.

Well, it’s not technically for an AR-15. It’s for an M4-style rifle, but that’s exactly something some home builders might want to create.

The M4A1 is, after all, the weapon carried by Navy SEALS, and used in close-quarters battles and counterterrorism operations. The platform is light, expandable, maneuverable even in tight spaces, and can even be converted into a shotgun or grenade launcher.

Aero Precision’s M4E1 lower receivers are engineered for performance, and feature controls that are both right and left-friendly; they also feature flared magwells (better for faster mag charges) and a wider, integral trigger guard that enables easier access to the trigger when using gloves.

This list continues, but if you’re thinking about making an AR15 with a kit and would consider an M4-style rifle, don’t overlook Aero Precision’s new M4E1 lowers.

Building an AR15 with a Kit

If you’re interested in getting a new AR-style sporting rifle, you also have the option of building your own AR15 with a kit and parts instead of buying one of these. That will give you the flexibility to customize the platform along the way - and we carry both AR15 kits and M16 parts here to make the project possible.

Also Worth a Look

If you’re into the “tacticool” scene and all things black rifles, then you’ll be happy to know that some of the big lever-action producers in the industry are getting on the black rifle bandwagon - sort of, at least. The following two are also new developments in the industry.


  • Marlin Dark-Series Lever Action Rifles: Marlin’s new Dark Series Lever Action Rifles are made with durable, yet lightweight polymer stocks, M-LOK forends, threaded barrels with radial muzzle brakes, low-light tritium sights, recoil pads, and a full-length Pic rail over the barrel for mounting attachments. Definitely worth a look if you’re into black rifles but you prefer repeaters to gas-operated platforms.
  • Henry Lever Action Supreme Rifles (LASR): Henry’s new LASR is more about overcoming the issues conventional lever guns have had with spitzer bullets. The new line is fed from a box mag, but they also feature free-floated barrels, match-grade triggers, a rail over the receiver, and are sub-M.O.A. capable. Less tactical than Marlin’s Dark Series, but still cool.

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