Get a 1911 Parts Kit Here and Always Have These Essential Parts on Hand

Get a 1911 Parts Kit Here and Always Have These Essential Parts on Hand

Oct 24th 2020

If you own a 1911 or some variant, and many Americans do, then you are part of a quite an inclusive community. The 1911, like the classic Remington 870 or some variant of the AR-15 is one of the most popular platforms in the country.

The good news about this, other than the fact that you can enjoy the timeless, reliable performance of a legendary handgun, is that because there are so many other owners out there, there is a strong demand for parts and 1911 parts kits. Because of this, you are never too far away from a part when you need it.

That’s even better news, because if you use your 1911 a lot, whether practicing at the range for home defense, simple target shooting or even for competition, parts will wear down and break. Even with proper maintenance, you’ll need to tinker from time to time to ensure that your beloved 1911 functions like new, or at least like the day you bought it.

Luckily, we sell tons of parts for 1911s and variants here at Sarco Inc., along with a number of 1911 parts kits that you can keep on hand if only for making periodic repairs. Whereas some people might not want to buy a whole parts kit just for these reasons, there are a few great reasons to keep one on hand.

For one thing, if you keep a 1911 parts kit on hand for your exact model and caliber, then you will almost certainly have a backup of every part that you need when you need it. For the most part, parts kits are like comprehensive “exploded” views of a platform. Everything or nearly everything is included in a pats kit, so when you lose a component or it breaks, you’ll always have one on hand. In addition, if you have to draw from your parts kit to make a replacement, you can simply buy that part again, throw it back into the parts kit, and you will still have a full kit in reserve.

It practically guarantees that you will have one or more than one part on hand when the occasion calls for it, and preparation is essential to success in all ventures. Beyond the fact that keeping a parts kit on hand is a utilitarian habit, here are some of the parts that you may find yourself needing to replace that came with a parts kit.

-The barrel - Every time you pull the trigger on your 1911, you’re carrying away some of the rifling inside of the barrel. You might never notice this over the lifetime of a 1911 that is only fired casually at the range, but if you are a competition shooter or target shoot a lot, then your barrel will wear down after thousands of rounds. That will result in less accurate groups and less ballistic efficiency downrage. You’ll be glad you had a spare barrel on hand when it comes time to replace it.

-Extractors - A 1911 doesn’t need an extractor to go off, but it needs an extractor (more or less) to function as a semi automatic. Without a working extractor your 1911 is little more than a repeater. Extractors don’t get a lot of love, but when one breaks, you’ll be glad your parts kit included a spare.

-Firing Pins and Springs - Unlike the extractor, the loss or breakage of which is a large inconvenience, your firing pins and springs are mission critical. If your firing pin breaks, does not reset correctly, or does not strike the primer with sufficient force, your 1911 is a prop with a live round inside.

-A Spare Mag - Not a necessary replacement, but a nice spare to have on hand, provided your parts kit is a perfect match for your 1911 and the mag holds the right ammo. Plus, if a part of your current mag breaks and your platform accepts the spare mag, you’ll be glad you had it stocked away.

These are just some of the high ticket items that you might have to replace from time to time, either from wear, use, age, or loss. There are many others that come with a 1911 parts kit like many of those that you will find in our store, and if you need to learn more about them, check our pages via the links above.

If you want to learn more but can’t find the answers on our pages, then give our team a call today and we would be more than happy to go over the specifics with you or let you know a tip or a trick or two. Get in touch with us today at 610-250-3960 and we’d be more than glad to get you where you need to be.