Buy Your WW2 Helmets At Sarco Inc.

Buy Your WW2 Helmets At Sarco Inc.

Apr 16th 2020

Here at Sarco Inc., we’re proud to offer you parts and kits for some of the most popular firearms, as we as hard to find parts and accessories for rare specimens. When you need a particular part, kit, accessory or device, you can come to Sarco Inc with the confidence that we can help you find what you need.

The same holds true for collectibles, militaria and military reproductions. Whether you are a collector or you just have an appreciation for certain fine reproductions, you can find the WW2 helmets you’re looking for right here on our site. We offer reproductions of popular American and German WW2 helmets and liners, but right on our site, you can also find reproductions from many of the other forces that were engaged in the conflict. Here’s a short look at some of the WW2 helmets we offer here on our site.

M1 U.S. Helmet
The U.S. M1 Helmet was in such long service with the United States Army (from World War II until 1985) that it has become an iconographic symbol of our services. It was in service through the conflicts in which the United States took part during that time and is a highly sought after collector’s item. Our M1 U.S. Helmet offers the look and feel of the original, and comes with the steel pot, liner with suspension, outer chinstrap and liner, sweatband and helmet net. It’s a dependable reproduction for reenactment, collection and more.

British Tommy Helmet
The Brodie Helmet, the first designs of which were created in 1915, became known later as the Tommy Helmet and Battle Bowler among other names. It was used by British and Commonwealth forces throughout several theaters of the Second World War. Our British Tommy Helmet is a color-authentic reproduction of the original and includes the pot, rubber accented leather liner and spring-loaded chinstrap. Like the American M1, the Tommy Helmet was so widespread in service that it became a recognizable symbol of the British forces that served throughout the war.

German M35 Helmet
The German M35 Helmet was the first of three German steel helmets or Stahlhelme that saw widespread use throughout the Second World War. The M35, named after the year 1935 in which it was designed, was originally finished with a green-gray paint known as Feldgrau and featured the emblem of a martial eagle clutching a Swastika. Our reproductions feature a rolled edge, a metal banded liner and a leather chinstrap and maintain faith to the original paint finish.

German WW2 Luftschutz Helmet
While the M35 Helmet described above saw widespread use among German infantry during the Second World War, some Luftwaffe and anti-aircraft crews were outfitted with the Luftschutz helmet. It was designed to be lighter than the M35 to afford as much protection as possible from shrapnel while minimizing weight. Our Luftschutz Helmet comes with a leather liner and chinstrap, and like the originals is made of several plates.

Italian M33 Helmet
The Italian Army designed the M33 to replace the French Adrian Helmet that had been in use since 1915. The M33 offered an improvement over the design, offering more protection than the Adrian Helmet, and served as the standard-issue of the Italian Army throughout World War II and was in service until the 1990s. Our Italian M33s are original models in very good condition that come with a liner and chinstraps.

Bulgarian M36 Helmet
Not only do we offer original and reproduction helmets from many of the main combatants in the Second World War, but we also offer helmets from other participants to the global conflict, such as our original Bulgarian M36 Helmets that come with new SS decals. Bulgaria had an interesting history of participation in World War II, neutral until 1941 at which point it joined the Axis efforts. After being invaded and having their government overthrown by Russia, the Bulgarians joined the Allied cause. These helmets are a relic from that little-known corner of history.

While these are some excellent options in reproduction and original WW2 helmets that we offer right here on our site, we offer many more authentic reproductions. Featuring models based on American, English, German, Japanese designs and many more, we are well situated to outfit you with the reproductions you need for reenactment or collection.

In addition to our selection of WW2 helmets, we also offer quite a range of other reproduction pieces of equipment used throughout the war. Whether you come in search of accessories, clothing, or equipment, we offer plenty to the collector looking for authentic reproduction pieces. We also know that it can be difficult at times to source particular reproduction and original pieces, especially those that are in high demand, so if you are looking for something specific and can’t find it, give us a call at 610-250-3960 and we’ll point you in the right direction.


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