An Argument for Shoulder Gun Holsters

An Argument for Shoulder Gun Holsters

Jan 13th 2021

The fact of the matter is that, probably, most people who carry a handgun daily, whether for self defense or as a part of their job, use a hip holster. Outside the waistband hip holsters account for a large portion of gun holsters sold in this country everyday, and for good reason. They are affordable, they are practical, they can allow for a very quick draw, there is almost no chance of inadvertently muzzling yourself during draw or reholstering.

Still, hip holsters, specifically OWB hip holsters, are not for everyone. Some who prefer the discretion of concealed carry will gravitate towards IWB models, but there are also ankle holsters, belly band holsters and underarm and shoulder holsters. In this post, we’re going to investigate some of the practicality of shoulder gun holsters. There are some real arguments to be made for them.

1.The best solution for cross draw

First off, if you practice cross draw, shoulder gun holsters are probably the most practical solution. Now, there’s something to keep in mind here, and that is that some gun owners specifically shy from cross draw claiming that it is unsafe. No matter how careful you are, you will either be crossing your muzzle over yourself at some point through the motion or else it will be pointing away and to the side of you.

However, a practiced hand and a steady one can still extract a lot of value from shoulder holsters. Consider the following condition.

2.Better for long barreled handguns

In many situations, shoulder holsters are not simply better for handguns with longer barrels. In many situations, they are the only solution for carrying them, at least concealed carrying them.

Anything with a barrel longer than 8 inches cannot be carried concealed according to conventional methods. You can wear them on the hip, but they are heavy and unwieldy. Many revolvers today are still produced with 8 or 10 inch barrels and large, nearly ungainly frames. Pretty much the only way to carry these practically and with any semblance of comfort is under the arm or in a shoulder holster.

3.More compatible with a wider range of clothing

The other thing to keep in mind here is that some holsters just are not meant to be practical with some forms of clothing. The thing about shoulder gun holsters is that, while they will print under thin or tight fitting clothing, they are one of the most practical options for concealed carry with quite a large range of clothing.

Even larger handguns can be kept concealed in a shoulder holster underneath casual and formal professional clothing, which alone makes them highly valuable. Also, any time you wear a jacket or an outer layer, a shoulder holster jumps in practicality.

4.More comfortable

Alright now, if you’re reading this, don’t jump to tell us how wrong we are. There are situations in which a shoulder holster can be called decidedly uncomfortable, and we recognize that. It has a lot to do with the clothing you’re wearing, the weight of the holster and the gun, and balance, among other things.

However, there are some heavy handguns that are just as uncomfortable to wear on the hip. In truth, if the shoulder holster is well designed and secures the firearm well, there is a good chance it could be more comfortable than any other alternative.

5.They sit more securely on the body

If ashoulder holster is sized properly, worn with a compatible firearm and adjusted properly as well, there is a good chance it will sit more securely on the body. There are some who will claim that it is easier for a hostile character to reach a firearm in a shoulder holster, but it remains to be said that a shoulder holster should not roll or bounce or shift on the body when worn properly.

6.They may not be conducive for “quick draw” scenarios, but they are inherently safe and secure

A shoulder holster can be tops for firearm retention. The drawback is that this makes it tough to draw the firearm quickly, but retention is a highly valuable asset in a holster nonetheless. If you need a holster that hangs on tight, a shoulder holster may be it.

7.Shoulder gun holsters might not be for everyone, but you can get them right here!

We know that some of you reading this will not be converted to shoulder holster wearers anytime soon, but we also know that they deserve a vindication, and this we have provided.

Whatever firearm you are looking to match, you can find shoulders holsters for them right here at Sarco, Inc. Take a look through our collection of holsters, including holsters for 1911s and variants, and make sure you call us if you need more help or have any questions - you can reach us at 610-250-3960.