4 Things to Remember When Buying a Gun Holster Belt

4 Things to Remember When Buying a Gun Holster Belt

Feb 23rd 2021

Shopping for a gun holster belt is not as straightforward as shopping for a regular belt. Since they are both belts, there are some traits you’ll look for in common between them, but given the fact that a gun belt is specifically designed to accommodate a carry holster (or actually has an integral one) there are some other factors to keep in mind.

It actually can be a little stressful shopping for a gun belt because there is a lot riding on the purchase. If it doesn’t meet these several criteria addressed in this article, you might need to get rid of it and replace it with a better model. Cut out that headache and get the right holster belt the first time around.

It Must Be Durable

Since a gun holster belt is a purchase you’d like to make right the first time, durability is one of the prime considerations in the affair. Truthfully, low quality belts have no business being used for such a job where safety plays the vital role in functionality. Don’t waste your time with low quality belts that aren’t made from tough materials.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go with a leather gun holster belt, though many of them (if not the majority) are made from leather. There are some belts made from woven synthetics like nylon or cord, and many of these are as tough as leather, if not tougher, and just as flexible.

Additionally, some belts are made with innovative features like steel cores. Traits like these enhance durability because over time leather and woven belts are prone to sagging. With a feature like a steel core, this won’t be an issue.

It Should Be Presentable

With the issue of durability out of the way, you can get onto another important feature, which is the presentability of the belt. If the belt is not intended for concealed carry, then it’s going to be a noticeable fixture of your attire. You’ll probably want a belt that doesn’t draw too much attention to itself.

That’s one of the reasons so many gun belts are not ornately tooled or decorated. Plain colors like black and brown are tops, not only because these are colors in which leather is often finished, but also because they work with a variety of styles and colors of clothing. That way, you’ll only need one belt for all scenarios.

It Must Pair Functionality with Compatibility

Even once you’ve assured yourself that the gun holster belt in question is tough and will work with whatever clothing you choose to wear, you’re not done evaluating it. You still need to ensure that the holster belt will work with your holster, unless of course the holster is integral to the belt.

For example, a large buckle or high, embossed features on the belt might look nice but throw off the balance of the belt or make it impossible to wear it with the holster you expect to use. Remember, as in all areas concerning carrying a firearm, safety is the paramount matter. Form is nice if you can afford it, but it can never be secured at the cost of functionality and safety.

Make sure that the belt you’re looking at can easily and securely accommodate the holster you plan to carry or are already in the habit of carrying. Plain, simple and functionality is better in this situation.

It Should Be Comfortable

The final point of concern you can assess in a gun belt is that of comfort. While security is more important than comfort, if you can finish your assessment with the confidence that your new belt will be comfortable, then you’ve accounted for everything.

After all, you’re not going to want to wear it if it isn’t comfortable, and given some of the features that some holster belts incorporate, it doesn’t look like they’d be too comfortable.

However, you’re in luck; here at Sarco, Inc., we sell a ton of leather belt holsters, including models designed not only for hip carry but for underarm or shoulder carry as well. If you’re unsure about how they ride or how they really feel when worn, you can always call us up for assistance.

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