4 Great Rock Island Firearms (Shotguns) for Varied Shooting Disciplines

4 Great Rock Island Firearms (Shotguns) for Varied Shooting Disciplines

Jun 15th 2024

It’s no secret that Rock Island Firearms offer exceptional value at a hard-to-believe price point. When it comes to rock-solid (pun intended) guns, Rock Island has a stranglehold at the juncture of price and performance.

Just think about it. Rock Island 1911 pistols alone are considered some of the best 1911 clones in the market, ever. They continue to be held in high regard, and the truth is, when most people think of a “Rock,” they’re probably thinking about one of the company’s 1911s.

But there’s so much more to Rock Island Firearms than just 1911 clones. This post will cover some of the best shotguns in their catalog, along with what they’re great for.

For Waterfowl and Turkey Hunters: Rock Island LI-ON SA Realtree Timber 12ga

While they might not agree on what camouflage pattern is the best for their intended quarry, conditions, or respective seasons, waterfowlers and longbeard hunters can agree that they need to remain hidden.

That means covering everything up that’s shiny; your boots, your forehead, your hands, and yes, of course, your gun.

It can probably be said without too much of an exaggeration that more than one duck or turkey hunter has been busted because his gun gave him away.

That’s where models like this Rock Island LI-ON SA in Realtree Timber (image above) come into focus - or rather, if you will, where they resist coming into focus.

Plus, it just makes a great duck gun, besides the fact that it’s camouflaged. It swings naturally, thanks to its 28” barrel, and the semi-auto action is soft-kicking and smooth-shooting, and, the fiber-optic sight is good in low light conditions - perfect for leveling on those crack of dawn ducks and gobblers.

(Also, if you don’t like Realtree Timber, we also sell the LI-ON in MAX-5. Both of these guns are also great sporting clays guns.)

For Small Game Hunters: Rock Island Traditional Single Shot .410

                   Rock Island Firearms

You either love or hate the .410. Say what you will, it is a dreadfully anemic shell, and worst of all is the price. What hunter in his or her right mind would spend 2 to 3 times per round and get less shell?

Either way, there’s a tradeoff here. A few, actually, come to think of it. One is that .410 doesn’t kick half so hard as 12 or even 20. On top of that, the smaller shells are better on small game at close range, like quail, woodcock, squirrels, and rabbits, and do less damage to the meat.

Then, there is the dimension of the challenge. You can think whatever you want, but it is downright hard to hit a moving target with a .410. You might even say it should be reserved for experts only.

Either way, these things are what make a classic upland gun like this Rock Island Single Shot .410 a great model. And, on top of the fact that it’s also dirt cheap, it has an adjustable ghost ring front sight, a handsome silver-tone receiver, a hard-wearing parkerized finish, and sling mounts. It’s just a great gun at this price.

The Do-Everything Shotgun: Rock Island All Generations Pump 12ga

                Rock Island Firearms

If you’re only going to have one shotgun, it’s a tough sell. You want it to be compact enough for defensive applications, but not so short that you can’t swing on clays or birds. You don’t want it overspecialized either, right? And, as for the action? Well, a break is limited, and a semi-auto can jam. You’ll want a pump.

You want this pump. It has an 18.5” barrel; short enough for close quarters engagements, but not too too short to shoot clays or birds. And, the 5 round capacity is adequate for most applications except some intense competitive ones in which you’d want an extended mag.

Plus, it has no frills. It’s all black and all business, with a durable anodized hardcoat, a rock-solid pump action, pre-installed sling mounts, and even an adjustable cheekpiece so you can play with comb height. It’s a great all-around shotgun. If you’re looking at Rock Island Firearms and need just one scattergun, this might be it.

The Truck Gun: Rock Island VRBP-100 12ga

Last but not least, we have to include at least one dedicated truck gun. It has to be short, light, snappy (for a shotgun) and handle well in close quarters, right? That’s what makes the Rock Island VRBP-100 the pick.

It has a 5 round capacity and a 20” barrel, but handles like a much more compact gun thanks to the bullpup configuration. It also features flip-up sights, a polymer buttstock with spacers so you can adjust length of pull, and a tough anodized finish.

But the expandability is half of the value here. It also has a good length of Pic rail along the top of the receiver, as well as two shorter Pic rails flanking both sides of the barrel. Whether you want to add a light, a sidesaddle, a laser, or some other shooting accessory, this is the one that makes it possible.

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