AR15/M16 Duckbilled Flash Hider

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Early U.S. Advisors & Air Force ‘Model 01’ flash hiders originally issued with the guns starting in 1963. These were succeeded by the standard GI ‘prong’ flash hider & later in 1969 by the 
‘birdcage’ model. New mfg.

5 Reviews

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    Not period correct

    Posted by Ken on Feb 28th 2020

    Prongs too thick and reinforced. Bands not correct widths.

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    Very nice Duckbill flash hider

    Posted by james persinger on Jan 23rd 2020

    These are a very well made produce im not sure if there a repo or original product but if repo they can easily pass for original ,very nice

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    M16 Duckbilled Flash Hider

    Posted by AgrippaKC on Jan 15th 2020

    It looks and fits great! I can’t thank Sarco enough for making my M16A1 build possible.

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    Duckbill flash hider

    Posted by Robert on Dec 22nd 2019

    I was a little disappointed when I first got this as I thought it was the two-pronged duckbill. Instead, it has three prongs.
    I installed it on my 10.5” barrel SBR, and it works great!
    Make sure you use a crush washer to get the timing on the flash hider right. I put mine so one time is down and two are up.
    It does add a cool factor to what you put it on. And, yes, I’m planning on getting another for my 11.5” SBR.

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    Great Flash Hider

    Posted by Bear on Dec 11th 2019

    Very nice, looks really good fits good and it completes the setup on retro clone M-16/AR-15.