.50 cal Dardick Tround Round

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Wonderful invention out of Hamden, Ct., the proprietary creation of Mr. Dardick , led the way for others to experiment more fully with unconventional small arms cases and delivery systems. Made famous by the
Dardick Pistol utilizing the same style triangular synthetic ammunition case, Sarco has obtained the balance of what was left from the govt. funded experiment to create a new .50 cal. Machine gun in the 1980s. Others tried to compete, such as the Hughes Lockless , & Ares TARG. The cases are used, but in excellent shape. Expended primers are still in place, but projectile and powder are gone. Case measures 5 “ long, triangular flats are 1-1/8”wide. Quantities are limited on this clever design. Sold as a collector item. Original. 1 piece.