1919A4 .30-06 Parts Set

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These kits are perfect for making a dummy gun, a semi-auto A-4, or assembly on one of the many legal side plates on the market. These are Israeli converted kits made from U.S. parts for the 1919A4 U.S. LMG. Every set is checked for completeness, broken parts and barrel quality. Every kit has an excellent condition barrel.

Each kit consists of ALL parts for a 1919A4 Browning, U.S. except the r.h. side plate & rivets. Some kits may contain .30-06 rear cartridge stops  (They work perfectly fine with slight modifications).

Note: Our rivet sets are complete 38 rivet sets. We have bought a competitor’s rivet set and it only had 25 applicable rivets.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a $20 handling fee on these kits.
Not For Sale In WA Per State Law.