1919A4 100 rd Ammo Can

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Steel can attaches directly to the standard 1919A4 MG left belt holding pawl bracket on the gun and affords use on the M2 tripod or on pedestal mounts. Best Price on the market ….. from the ones who invented it!

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    1919A4 100 round ammo can

    Posted by Michael W on Apr 18th 2021

    I wish I could give a better rating for this, but unfortunately the can itself had some major flaws in construction that should have been caught at the Q/C stage.

    One of the mounting brackets was skewed visibly to the naked eye, preventing the can from fitting onto the feed tray. It required about 1/8" to be ground off for clearance.

    However, the second issue, had I noticed it, would have stopped me from bothering with that.

    The pivot holes drilled in those mounting bars are both undersized, and one of them is so far off center, it nearly breaks out of the bar itself!

    After reaming out, and draw filing, it "fits" now, but doesn't (and can't) hang properly.

    Way more fitting work than most people would want to be doing on a product that would be assumed to be drop in ready.