M98 Mauser Tack Driver Heavy Barrels

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We took some of our fabulous Swedish 8mm heavy barrels blanks – had them threaded for 98 Mauser actions. These have a nice heavy profile and are 1 3/16" at chamber and 15/16" at muzzle. Length is 22 3/8". Our barrel maker commented “I would be proud if I made a barrel of this fine quality” – These are fully chambered but of course still need to be headspaced by a competent gunsmith.

PLEASE NOTE: These barrels have a slightly deep chamber for a reason. If you have a shallow chamber, you will need to use a chambering reamer to adjust headspace. With this method you can adjust head space by turning back the shoulder and breech a bit to accommodate the headspace dimension. This also solves any variance from the chambering reamers pilot and the throat dimension in the reamer. No need to buy a chambering reamer.