1903A3 Springfield Dummy Rifle with Original G.I. Arsenal Rework Stock

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U.S. G.I. Government Surplus WWII 1903A3 Springfield Rifle

No FFL or NICS required

These rifles have been modified to prevent firing so they are free to sell without any NICS check or licensing. Cleared by ATF as free to sell. From the outside you cannot tell these rifles have been changed except for a small weld spot on the cut off. These

rifles are perfect for a gunroom or store display, reenactors, enhancements for your military vehicle, or just WWI & WWII nostalgia. A perfect gift for a youngster who is not old enough to have a firing military rifle. All parts function and click perfectly

except the bolt stop. * 1903’s have WWII style trigger guard and bands.

The modifications are to the bottom of the receiver ring and are not visible. This is your chance to acquire an authentic original U.S. G.I. WWI or WWII in collectible condition without the burden of a gun purchase and at half the price of a shootable rifle.

Note: These rifles are not the rough guns as they came out of the arsenal as some sell. Each gun is built up in our shop. 

Great for use at reenactments or military vehicle events as there are no security concerns. These guns are not thrown together out of reject parts as some others offer. All parts are in excellent condition and exposed barrel and receiver have been reparkerized.

These are quality guns and come from original G.I. surplus rifles. A few parts are current blue print production to enhance the rifles appearance. Get yours now while still available. Limited supply. 


Not for Sale in Puerto Rico, NY, MN, WI, KS, CT, MA, or CA

PLEASE NOTE: There is a $5 handling fee on this item