Why You Should Always Keep a Relevant Firearm Parts Kit on Hand

Why You Should Always Keep a Relevant Firearm Parts Kit on Hand

Jun 15th 2021

Collectors, reenactors, competitive shooters, hunters and plinksters all have different things in mind when they’re looking over their collection. One might view a rare historical piece, like a Lee-Enfield or a Mauser, with particular reverence, and never think once about dropping the hammer on a chambered round. To them, these artifacts are living reminders of events that really transpired in the past.

A competitive shooter might open the door to his or her safe and look over his personal favorite sporting rifle with a desire that can only be sated by throwing rounds downrange. The same might be said for recreational shooters and hunters.

One might look at these two different firearms owners and think that their needs in parts and accessories were as far apart as could be imagined. In some respect, this is true, but then again, they have more in common than a cursory inspection might reveal.

Any of these owners would benefit significantly from keeping a parts kit on hand relevant to their specific firearms of interest, made all the more valuable by the inclusion of specific tools for assembly and adjustment, regardless of their intended purposes for ownership.

For Collectors of Rare Historical Firearms

Some guys will buy a historically valuable rifle like an M1A1, an M1 Garand, an M1903, without ever intending to take it to the range for a single day. These firearms might be the pride of the collection, or the staple of a display. They could be considered modern safe queens that don’t reside in the safe.

Yet even the owners of these firearms can benefit from keeping a parts kit on hand, despite the fact that their prized firearms might never see a range or even be touched by sunlight. The reason for this is that many historical arms are sold in less than pristine condition.

Sometimes historically significant rifles are sold in a state of semi-disrepair, lacking a barrel band, a sling mount, or even their sights. These are cosmetic oversights that are easily rectified, but then again, there are plenty of other important parts that could need replacing as well.

Some aging firearms could use a replacement bolt or a trigger group. Oftentimes old rifles need new barrels or stocks. With the right parts, these replacements can be made, but coming by them is a chore. Most sporting goods shops won’t carry the parts you need. We, on the other hand, almost certainly have them.

For Users of Those Firearms

Anyone who owns historically significant arms and actually practices with them at a range or participates in themed historic shoots has an even better reason to keep a parts kit on hand for that firearm, if they can find one.

Shooting is to a firearm what driving around is to a car. Parts wear and break down, parts need attention and maintenance to continue functioning as intended. A parts kit for your rifle will nearly ensure you have the part you need on hand if it does break or fail. They’ll even come with all of the other components you could possibly need. For example, when your rifling wears down, simply replace it with the barrel that came as a part of the kit.

For Recreational, Competitive Shooters and Sportsmen

Recreational and competitive shooters, as well as sportsmen, are hard on their equipment. They shoot frequently, which will require them to perform more routine maintenance than collectors would need to administer to their display pieces.

For a recreational shooter, maintenance, upgrades, repairs and replacements are a common fact of life, and some shooters know enough to complete these projects themselves without going to a gunsmith. It still requires them to have the requisite parts on hand.

Say, for example, you enjoy taking your 1911 to the range. These are common, and variants are even more common, making them one of the most popular styles of pistol in the United States, if not the world.

This means it is not particularly difficult to find parts for them, but the thing is, you can never be sure when a part is going to fail or need replacement. If, instead of buying parts piecemeal as you need them, you keep a parts kit with your cleaning accessories, you can make almost any repair necessary whenever it needs to be performed.

The same applies to almost any firearm. Keep a firearm parts kit on hand for your preferred model, and you’ll always have at least one replacement part for anything that you need to fix.

How Sarco, Inc., Can Help

Are you here looking for something that no one else has had yet? We carry one of the internet’s largest supplies of firearms and parts, especially for hard to find, historically significant firearms and military collections. If you can’t find what you need in our online collection, please reach out to us at 610-250-3960 and we will help you find it.