1911 .45 Military Style Parts Kit with Rock Island Nickel Full Size Slide

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Put together your own .45  pistol with our Builder Kits. Several different kits available to best fit your needs. Our parts are standard M1911A1/ Pre-’70 Government type. Compare our prices and see how much you will save compared to the competition. These are 1 time, limited kits that include the slide listed in the description.


Builders Kit - All parts in the gun less frame:


(1) Auto Frame Kit .45 Cal

(1) Auto Magazine, 7 round

(1) Slide Stop

(1) Barrel 5" .45 Cal 

(1) Barrel Bushing

(1) Barrel Link

(1) Barrel Link Pin

(1) Extractor .45 Cal

(1) Firing Pin .45 Cal

(1) Firing Pin Spring .45 Cal

(1) Firing Pin Stop .45 Cal

(1) Recoil Spring .45 Cal

(1) Recoil Spring Guide

(1) Recoil Spring Plug


Note: All gun parts may require some fitting and technical knowledge for assembly. If you are not knowledgeable seek professional assistance.