1905 Bayonet Project

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1905 BAYONET PROJECT - Set of original and new made parts for assembling a 1905 bayonet. Years ago we had 2,000 blades manufactured and re-welded onto handles with great success, allowing us to sell 1905 bayonets again. Now we have a very limited group of these complete sets of parts remaining. The hilts are from original U.S. bayonets that were demilled by the U.S. govt. plastic grips,cross guard, internal handle parts and blade are new mfg.

Add A Scabbard To The Set Of 1905 Springfield & Garand Long 16" Blade Bayonet Parts for $9.95! THIS IS A SPECIAL PRICE ONLY AVAILABLE WITH THE PURCHASE OF BAY232. If you are ordering more than one set of bayonets and wish to add a scabbard to each set, please add each set separately to your order so you can add a scabbard to them individually.