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Sarco, Inc. Easton Pennsylvania

Walther P-38 & P-1 Parts

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P38006 Automatic Firing Pin Lock
P38007 Automatic Firing Pin Lock Late
P38005 Automatic Firing Pin Lock Springs
P38051 Barrel, original
P38067 Barrel, original WWII, VG-Exc bore, Arsenal refinish
P38043 Barrel Retaining Latch
P38009 Cartridge Indicator Pin
P38010 Cartridge Indicator Spring
P38053 Cleaning Rod
P38018 Ejector
P38013 Extractor
P38014 Extractor Plunger
P38015 Extractor Plunger Spring
P38063 Extractor Plunger & Spring
P38069 Firing Pin original WWII
P38003 Firing Pin & Indicator Cover
P38019 Firing Pin Lock Lifter
P38012 Firing Pin Post War
P38008 Firing Pin Retainer Pin
P38002 Firing Pin Spring
P38011 Firing Pin WWII Style
P38052 Front Sight
P38060 Grips, original VG-Excellent (P-1 only)
P38068 Grips, original WWII VG condition
P38035 Grip Screw
P38031 Hammer Lever
P38030 Hammer Lever Pin
P38028 Hammer Lever Spring
P38036 Hammer Pin
P38032 Hammer Spring
P38025 Hammer Strut
P38026 Hammer, Complete
P38027 Hammer, Stripped
P38054 Holster Hard Shell
P38055 Holster Soft Shell
P38049 Locking Block
P38048 Locking Block Operating Pin
P38050 Locking Block Retainer Spring
P38033 Magazine Catch
  Magazine, Waffenampt marked, orig WWII
P38034 Magazine, Repro
P38059 Put Away Kit -See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
P38004 Rear Sight
P38046 Recoil Spring Set
P38047 Recoil Spring Guide
P38045 Retainer Latch Plunger
P38044 Retainer Latch Plunger Spring
P38016 Safety Catch, Early Style
P38017 Safety Catch Late Style
P38020 Safety Hammer Lowering Lever
P38023 Sear
P38024 Sear Pin
P38001 Slide, Late style
P38061 Slide, original excellent
P38062 Slide, P1, cracked or reject (for project)
P38040 Slide Stop
P38037 Slide Stop Return Spring
P38057 Spring Kit - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
P38029 Strut Axle Pin
P38022 Trigger Bar
P38021 Trigger Bar Spring
P38041 Trigger Bushing
P38042 Trigger Spring
P38038 Trigger, Complete
P38039 Trigger, Stripped
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