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Sarco, Inc. Easton Pennsylvania

Thompson SMG


1928 Thompson Original Checkered Selector... $125.00 View Photo for Checkering

TMP165 Barrel Kits - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
TMP068 Buttstock Screw Long
TMP095 Bore Brush .45 Caliber
TMP059 Buttplate Screw Large
TMP086 Buttplate Trap Spring
CLN028 Cleaning Rod Brass Original
TMP167 Cleaning Rod Brass Original, Collector Grade - minty & bright
CLN027 Cleaning Rod Steel Original
TMP006 Disconnector
TMP007 Disconnector Spring
TMP106 Drum 10 round, for non hi cap states
TMP110 Drum Keys
TMP094 Drum Pouch (Original)
TMP093 Drum Pouch (Reproduction)
TPM164 Drum Pouch, 100 round
TMP010 Extractor
TMP011 Firing Pin
TMP012 Firing Pin Spring
TMP020 Frame Latch
TMP021 Frame Latch Spring
TMP042 Front Sight
TMP044 Front Sight Pin
TMP022 Grip Mount
TMP025 Hammer Pin
TMP014 Horizontal Foregrip ' 28 or M1, New Walnut
TMP100 Horizontal Foregrip Screw
TMP027 Mag Catch
TMP028 Mag Catch Spring
TMP029 Pivot Plate
TMP047 Rear Sight Lyman Adjustable 
TMP046 Rear Sight Lyman (marked Lyman) Original
TMP087 Rear Sight Rivet
TMP032 Recoil Spring
TMP033 Rocker
TMP038 Sear
TMP040 Sear Lever
TMP041 Sear Lever Spring
TMP039 Sear Spring
TMP088 Spare Parts Pouch
TMP005 Spring Kit - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
TMP070 Steel Cleaning Rod Original
TMP077 Stock Reinforcing Nut
TMP048 Swivel Forend/Butt
TMP049 Swivel Screw Forend/Butt
TMP050 Trigger
TMP051 Trigger Spring
TMP015 Vertical Foregrip  
TMP016 Vertical Grip Screw Front
TMP004 Vertical Grip Screw Rear
TMP085 1921/1928 Plunger Rear Sight
TMP084 1921/1928 Rear Sight Adjusting Screw
TMP003 1928 Actuator (Reproduction)
TMP018 1928 Actuator G.I. original
TMP168 1928 Actuator G.I. original (Knurled)
TMP017 1928 Actuator Smooth
TMP056 1928 Bolt (Stripped)
TMP082 1928 Bolt Bright Early Production (Stripped)
TMP072 1928 Brass Cleaning Rod Original
TMP083 1928 Breech Oiler w/Felt Pad G.I.
TMP026 1928 Bronze Lock
TMP169 1928 Buffer Disc, Original
TMP170 1928 Buffer Pilot, Original
TMP057 1928 Buttplate (Used)
TMP060 1928 Buttplate Screw Small
TMP063 1928 Buttstock Complete (New) Wood used metal
TMP062 1928 Buttstock Stripped (New)
TMP156 1928 Compensator Pin Original New
TMP092 1928 Dummy Receiver
TMP008 1928 Ejector
TMP124 1928 Felt Oiler Assembly, Repro
TMP128 1928 Felt Oiler Original
TMP043 1928 Front Sight for Compensator
TMP023 1928 Hammer
TMP166 1928 L Shaped Rear Sight, repro
TMP075 1928 Oiler
TMP150 1928A1 Parts Kit - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
TMP151 1928 Kit with dummy receiver
GRP148 1928 Rear Grip
TMP163 1928 Rear Receiver Portion 3-3 1/2", Original, Few Only
TMP127 1928 Recoil Spring Take Down Tool, unmarked
TMP036 1928 Safety G.I.
TMP052 1928 Sear Trip
TMP034 1928 Selector (Rocker Pivot)
TMP133 1928 Stock Set - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
TMP109 1928 Survival Kit (Support Set) - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
TMP079 1928 Trigger Housing (Complete) w/o stock
TMP078 1928 Trigger Housing (Stripped)
TMP019 M1 Actuator
TMP055 M1 Barrel G.I. (Excellent Condition)
TMP054 M1 Barrel G.I. (Good Condition)
TMP081 M1 Bolt (Stripped)
TMP058 M1 Buttplate (Used)
TMP067 M1 Buttstock Complete
TMP065 M1 Buttstock Complete (Used)
TMP066 M1 Buttstock Stripped (New)
TMP064 M1 Buttstock Stripped (Used)
TMP024 M1 Hammer
TMP076 M1 Oiler
TMP157 M1 Kit, all parts but receiver & mag
TMP045 M1 Rear Sight (Stamped)
TMP037 M1 Safety G.I.
TMP035 M1 Selector (Rocker Pivot)
TMP140 M1 Stock early w/o reinforcing nut, used
TMP105 M1 Survival Kit (Support Kit) - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details  
TMP097 M1/M1A1 Buffer
TMP098 M1/M1A1 Buffer Pilot
TMP001 M1/M1A1 Buttplate Screw Small
TMP091 M1/M1A1 Dummy Receiver
TMP009 M1/M1A1 Ejector
TMP014 M1/M1A1 Forend, Excellent, New
GRP147 M1/M1A1 Pistol Grip, Rear
TMP053 M1/M1A1 Sear Trip
TMP155 M1/M1A1 Set of Wood, new
TMP134 M1/M1A1 Stock Set - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
TMP080 M1A1 Bolt (Stripped)

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