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Sarco, Inc. Easton Pennsylvania



Original 20 round trench mag WWI in box, box is rough - $1000.00


SPRINGFIELD COLLECTORS  - A rare find! In opening some crates from a government auction 20 years ago, we found a small quantity of new original G.I. DIE  CAST 1903 Springfield buttplates. These are identical to the 1903 milled buttplate with the trap, but are die case – this is a new one on us. Few only SPF342 PS. We just discovered pieces of 1943 newspaper in the crate!


U.S. G.I. Government Surplus WWI & WWII 1903A3 and 1903 Springfield Rifles.

No FFL or NICS required

These rifles have been modified to prevent firing so they are free to sell without any NICS check or licensing. Cleared by ATF as free to sell. From the outside you cannot tell these rifles have been changed except for a small weld spot on the cut off.  These rifles are perfect for a gunroom or store display, reenactors, enhancements for your military vehicle, or just WWI or WWII nostalgia. A perfect gift for a youngster who is not old enough to have a firing military rifle. All parts function and click perfectly except the bolt stop.   * 1903’s have WWII style trigger guard and bands.  View Photo

SPF295 - 1903A3 Springfield with military style reworked G.I. walnut stock & handguard *

SPF298 - 1903 Springfield with military style reworked G.I. walnut stock & handguard *

We also have a few M1 Garands in same condition as Springfields above GRD243

Not for Sale to Puerto Rico, NY, MN, WI, KS, CT, MA, or CA


A 5-year dream finally realized!
We tried for years to get a proper stock made that would drop in your 1903 or 1903A3 Springfield and could not get a producer who could make an acceptable stock.

C-Stocks now on the market take hours and hours of fitting and shaping and have no finish (also if you make a mistake, the stock is lost) – Our stocks are completely drop in and have a delightful finish on the walnut - These stocks will fit on the 1903, 1903A1 and the 1903A3, as we specially designed them that way.

Our first small shipment is in house and available for immediate shipment.

These will also fit on your 1903A4 sniper rifle with small inletting for the bolt handle and is also correct for the national Match rifle.

This stock was standardized in 1928 by the army for all Springfield rifles going forward and was issue on all National Match rifles, but production was limited so all NM rifles got the stock but very few service rifles got equipped.

This stock is the most comfortable stock for shooting your Springfield.  Limited Supply

This stock is the crowning touch for your treasured ’03 or A3 SPF276  (stock only)

Stock with new original G.I. 1903 Handguard  SPF277  

Stock with new original G.I. 1903A3 Handguard  SPF278  


sprfld.gif (2628 bytes)

Original New Unissued G.I. 1903 Springfield Walnut Scant Stocks

These are original G.I. stocks from a forgotten warehouse from WWII. These are also called a semi pistol grip stock and were designed for the 903A3. This stock will fit 1903, 1903A1 & 1903A3 SPF259 (seen elsewhere at $250.00)

Note: Some stocks may have slight rust on metal recoil lugs due to long term storage.

Original new G.I. handguards - also available with stocks at a special price:

1903 Handguard  HNGD01
1903A3 Handguard 

SPF119 1879 Combo Tool, Rare, Original
SPF133 1903 Accessory Kit
SPF140 1903 Aperture Peep Slide
SPF263 1903 Band & Hardware Set, milled complete
SPF001 1903 Band Front Sight
SPF011 1903 Band Lower Milled
SPF012 1903 Band Lower w/Swivel Milled
SPF067 1903 Band Retainer Spring Milled
SPF128 1903 Band Screw Lower Milled
SPF018 1903 Band Screw Upper Band
SPF099 1903 Barrel 4 Groove
SPF137 1903 Base (For leaf)
SPF003 1903 Base Rear Sight (Not Sleeve)
SPF016 1903 Buttplate milled, used
SPF132 1903 Buttplate NM Heavy Checkering
SPF091 1903 Buttswivel Milled
SPF146 1903 Cartridge Belt Kahki Repro
SPF141 1903 Drift Slide w/Cap
SPF271 1903 Drill Barrel See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details 
SPF142 1903 Elevation Lock Screw
SPF034 1903 Floorplate Catch Assembly
SPF033 1903 Floorplate Milled
SPF031 1903 Follower Milled
SPF035 1903 Front Sight Blade
SPF045 1903 Front Sight Covers, Original USMC - new in the box. Large size Globe cover, super rare
SPF039 1903 Front Sight Screw
SPF038 1903 Front Sight w/Stud
HNGD01 Handguard, U.S. M1903 New G.I.
HNGD02 Handguard, U.S. M1903A3 New G.I
HNGD37 1903 Handguard used cracked repairable
SPF127 1903 Kit - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
SPF139 1903 Leaf Spring
SPF138 1903 Leaf Stripped
SPF273 1903 Rear Sight Band, original
SPF094 1903 Rear Sight w/o windage screw or base VG-Exc
SPF264 1903 Rear Sight complete w/windage screw & w/o barre ring
SPF013 1903 Sling Swivel for Band Milled
SPF069 1903 Stacking Swivel New GI Milled
SPF068 1903 Stacking Swivel Used GI Milled
SPF259 1903 Stock, Scant Walnut, G.I. Original
SPF118 1903 Stock Good Condition
SPF260 Stock GD II, orig. G.I. w/cracks or defects (as-is, no returns) For deco guns or repair
SPF134 1903 Stock Metal Set-3 Bands & Screw
SPF135 1903 Survival Kit
SPF078 1903 Trigger guard Milled original, used, VG
SPF241 1903 Trigger guard Milled G.I. Original New
SPF117 1903 Trigger guard Reproduction
SPF266 1903 Trigger guard, Floorplate, Floorplate Catch Assembly Set - milled G.I.
SPF082 1903 Upper Band New Milled
SPF081 1903 Upper Band Used Milled
SPF143 1903 Windage Screw
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SPF265 1903A3 Band & Hardware Set, milled complete
SPF002 1903A3 Band Front Sight
SPF014 1903A3 Band Lower w/Swivel Stamped
SPF019 1903A3 Band Screw Upper Band
SPF080 1903A3 Barrel 2 Groove
SPF130 1903A3 Barrel 4 Groove - rifling: recut for greater accuracy
SPF017 1903A3 Buttplate New Parkerized
SPF015 1903A3 Buttplate Stamped
SPF061 1903A3 Buttswivel Stamped
SPF270 1903A3 Drill Rifle Barrel See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
SPF030 1903A3 Follower Stamped
SPF093 1903A3 Front Sight Key
SPF043 1903A3 Handguard Plastic New
SPF126 1903A3 Kit - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
SPF294 1903A3 Rear Sight, G.I. Used


SPF279 1903A3 Rear sight base
SPF280 1903A3 Windage yoke, stripped
SPF281 1903A3 Slide aperture
SPF282 1903A3 Slide aperture spring
SPF283 1903A3 Slide aperture screw
SPF284 1903A3 Windage yoke spring
SPF285 1903A3 Windage yoke spring plunger
SPF286 1903A3 Windage yoke screw
SPF287 1903A3 Windage index knob
SPF288 1903A3 Windage index knob click spring
SPF289 1903A3 Windage index knob screw
SPF290 1903A3 Windage yoke assembly, NIL
SPF065 1903A3 Rear Sight new in the wrapper, G.I.
SPF049 1903A3 Ring Handguard to Receiver
SPF292 1903A3 Safety Bolt - firing pin hole has been welded and we supply a shorter firing pin with bolt. Use for display at home or in your military vehicle so rifle can not be fired.
SPF058 1903A3 Stacking Swivel & Band (exact repro)
SPF059 1903A3 Stacking Swivel & Band Assembly, new GI
SPF079 1903A3 Triggerguard Stamped
SPF083 1903A3 Upper Band Stamped
SPF136 1903A4 Scope Base
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SPF066 Band Retainer Spring Stamped
SPF124 Bar Stool Stock
GRP143 Bayo Wood Grip
SPF004 Bolt Late Complete
SPF005 Bolt Late Stripped
SPF097 Bolt Nickel Steel Complete
SPF098 Bolt Nickel Steel Stripped
SPF008 Bolt Sleeve
SPF009 Bolt Sleeve Lock
SPF145 Bolt Sleeve Lock Pin
SPF010 Bolt Sleeve Lock Spring
SPF115 Bolt Smooth Complete
SPF007 Bolt Smooth Body, early, bent handle, used, good, stripped
SPF306 Bolt smooth body, early, straight handle
SPF307 Bolt smooth body, early, bent handle, complete
SPF308 Bolt smooth body, early straight handle, complete
SPF123 Buttplate Milled NM w/o #s Heavy Checkering
SPF121 Buttplate Milled w/Fine Checkering
SPF086 Buttplate Screw Large
SPF085 Buttplate Screw Small
SPF113 Cross Bolt and Nut
SPF020 Cutoff
SPF021 Cutoff Plunger
SPF023 Cutoff Screw
SPF024 Cutoff Spindle
SPF022 Cutoff Spring
SPF028 Ejector
SPF029 Ejector Pin
SPF025 Extractor
SPF027 Extractor Collar
SPF026 Extractor w/Hole
SPF032 Follower Spring
SPF036 Front Sight Base Pin
SPF044 Front Sight Cover
SPF037 Front Sight Pin
SPF084 Handguard Clips (Two Pieces)
SPF054 Low Scope Safety
SPF046 Mainspring
OIL015 Oil & Thong Set Metal
SPF048 Oil & Thong Set Plastic
SPF095 Parts Kit (1/2 Price Special)
SPF122 Rear Sight Leaf Stripped
SPF129 Rear Stock Bushing
SPF053 SPF Safety Lock
SPF092 Screw Stacking Swivel
SPF074 Screwdriver Three Blade
SPF055 Sear
SPF072 Sear Pin
SPF062 Sear Spring
SPF120 Sight Cover NM
SPF257 Stock Composite New G.I. Used, VG - Exc.
SPF116 Stock Select Grade
SPF090 Striker
SPF052 Striker Rod
SPF051 Striker Sleeve
STC015 Stripper Clips
SPF076 Trigger Grooved
SPF301 Trigger, MK I
SPF077 Trigger Pin
SPF075 Trigger Plain
SPF056 Triggerguard Screw Front
SPF057 Triggerguard Screw Rear
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SPF221 TRAP Buttplate Standard
SPF222 TRAP Buttplate w/Trap Door
SPF223 TRAP Hammer
SPF224 TRAP Lock Assembly Complete
SPF225 TRAP Lock Plate 1873 Date
SPF226 TRAP Lock Plate Standard
SPF227 TRAP Lower Band
SPF228 TRAP Mainspring Original
SPF229 TRAP Pistol Grip Adapter Steel, Screw On
SPF230 TRAP Triggerguard Bow (Carbine)
SPF231 TRAP Triggerguard Bow w/Swivel
SPF232 TRAP Triggerguard Stripped
SPF233 TRAP Upper Band w/Swivel

M1 and M2 .22 Parts

SPF235 M1 Bolt Body w/Bolt Head Lock Assembly
SPF237 M1 Bolt Head Stripped
SPF236 M1 Bolt Head w/Ejector Assembly
RM016 M1 Magazine Replacement
SPF234 M1 Striker
SPF220 M2 .22 or M1 Buttplate Fine Checkered, Not Original 
SPF216 M2 .22 Bolt Complete
SPF210 M2 .22 Bolt Handle
SPF211 M2 .22 Bolt Head
SPF219 M2 .22 Buttplate 
SPF194 M2 .22 Cocking Piece
SPF199 M2 .22 Ejector 
SPF214 M2 .22 Ejector Spring
SPF213 M2 .22 Ejector Stop
SPF212 M2 .22 Extractor
SPF207 M2 .22 Firing Pin Nut
SPF209 M2 .22 Firing Pin Nut
SPF202 M2 .22 Floorplate
SPF198 M2 .22 Front Band Assembly w/Swivel & Screw
SPF197 M2 .22 Front barrel band
SPF195 M2 .22 Mag Ret.Spring
SPF217 M2 .22 Magazine Original
RM017 M2 .22 Magazine Repro 
SPF196 M2 .22 Triggerguard


Proper Springfield Cut Offs for your Collector Springfield

SPF302 Type 1 SA1903-1915 & RIA1903-1921
SPF303 Type 2 SA1915-1945
SPF304 Type 3 All Smith Corona
SPF020 Type 4 Remington 1903 & 1941-42
SPF305 Type 5 Remington 03, A3, & A4 1942 to end


Chrome Plated 03 & A3 Springfield Parts
These parts all came off of used drill rifles - They are not freshly chrome plated parts.

SPF311 Chrome 03A3 Triggerguard
SPF312 Chrome 03 Triggerguard, stripped
SPF313 Fully Chromed Striker Rod
SPF314 Partially Chromed Striker Rod
SPF315 03A3 Buttplates - 2 available, 1 dull chrome
SPF316 03 Lower Band Assembly
SPF317 03A3 Lower Band Assembly
SPF318 03 Upper Band
SPF319 03A3 Upper Band
SPF320 03A3 Stacking Swivel Band
SPF321 Extractor
SPF322 03A3 Handguard Ring
SPF323 03 Follower
SPF324 Trigger/Sear Assembly - 2 available, 1 partially chromed
SPF325 Bolt Sleeve, pitted
SPF326 Bolt Sleeve
SPF327 03 Butt Swivel
SPF328 Small Buttplate Screws
SPF329 03A3 Stacking Swivel
SPF330 03 Stacking Swivel
SPF331 03 Lower Band Swivel
SPF332 Bolt, stripped


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