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Classic Miniature Display 
Machine Guns

Classic Miniature Display 
Machine Guns

1/2 Scale Superbly Detailed Miniatures

Precision Steel Miniatures Shipped Fully-Assembled

These scale non-firing replica machine guns miniatures are copies of classic infantry weapons of the 20th century.  These unique models of WWI and WWII weapons are constructed of machined steel and are superbly detailed.  These guns are almost totally functional – just like the originals.  Fully assembled with wood grips.  A must for military buffs.  A truly unique collector display piece.  Satisfaction or your money back. 

Only a half dozen of each of these remain These will be $1000 miniatures in a few years. Made of machined steel with incredible detail. Fully assembled with wood grips tripods included 22 to 24 long.

Browning M1917A1 caliber .30 water-cooled machine gun. 

Browning M1917A1 caliber .30 water-cooled machine gun.  The standard of U.S. Forces in WWI and used extensively in WWII. This miniature weighs 10 lbs.  Size: 22”x13”x11” with a 10” barrel.  (Browning M1917A1).  $495.00 each MMGM3

Maxim 08 caliber 7.92mm machine gun was first developed in 1885.  This 1908 German model was also manufactured in China in the 1920’s and 1930’s.  It was the standard heavy machine gun of over twenty armies throughout the world.  A TRUE CLASSIC, 15 lbs., overall length 24.5”x14”x16”, with 11” barrel. (Maxim) 
 $595.00 each MMGM1

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