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Sarco, Inc. Easton Pennsylvania


Original G.I. WWII M63 Anti Aircraft Tripods for M2 .50 cal Gun...  View options

Original WWII M3 .50 cal Tripods with T&E & Pintle MNT110  View

Original U.S. G.I. WWII M2 Tripods with T&E & Pintle. MNT109 View

MG42 Lafette Ground Tripods...  View options


M2 .30 CALIBER MG TRIPODS : Original G.I. M2 Tripods for Browning .30 Caliber M1919A4 - M37 - AN-M2 - .30 Cal. & M1917 Guns.  Please Note: Our M2 Tripods are not rewelds, they are in really nice condition.  Many tripods offered elsewhere are rewelds - beware!  Note: Others may sell these tripods for less, but they should know what their stuff is worth.  Ours are not as found in a derelict accumulation warehouse or on a battlefield.  We rebuild and refinish all our tripods and they are done with many new parts, including the head and traverse bar.  We have several different grades and styles of tripods available.  See the following list: Order by item number AND description please.
Item no.  
MNT019 Pintle for M2 or M3 Tripod  
MNT022 T&E mechanism for .50 cal M3 Tripod  
MNT066 T&E mechanism for M60 for M60 on M122 Tripod w/T&E Adapter  

Click here for Complete M48 Dash Mounts for WWII Jeep

Click here for 360 MAG MACHINE GUN TRIPODS


1917A1 Tripods

We have resurrected from the mine a few 1917 water cooled tripods and cradles.  These have been assembled and painted to real nice condition from parts we bought years ago and some we were just able to buy now 9that's what made it work). All have a G.I. brass pintle block and new G.I. left and right legs. The fork has been restored by welding. It's a nice job but there is small evidence of the repair -
Lately, we've also been selling a complete kit less azmuth ring t& with a demil fork and tripod head with a 1/8" saw cut on one side at $645.00 to folks that have inquired on the phone. This is also available You can rebuild it just as we have as a a project.
MNT054 Note: This mount does not include the gun pintle as that is part of the gun. we do have the proper short stem pintle available - few only $95.00
MNT044 Original ammo can holder super rare  
MNT080 Original 1917 tripod T&E mlock pin - original configuration  
MNT083 Rare 1917 tripod Azmuth ring $150.00
MNT084 Azmuth ring lock hardware set  


G.I. M1917A1 Tripod Project - Build your own M1917A1 Tripod for Browning: View Info MNT086




19.5 inches MNT100 OR 12 inches MNT101
Your Choice

Perfect for bench top mounting either at the range or in your shop.
Many applications like mounting on your mule. Made in U.S.A.



M31C Pedestal Mounts - Available Again!

New condition exact repro. Our mounts include cadmium plated grade 8 mounting bolts. For secure mounting to jeep. 2 styles:
MNT067 Short leg for WWII GPW Jeep.
MNT102 Long leg with travel bar mounting lug for M38A1 Jeep $595.00
MNT095 Short leg with travel bar mounting lug for WWII GPW Jeep $545.00


MG Equilibrator Cradle Assembly

AVAILABLE AGAIN!! Out of stock for a couple of years - U.S. WWII .50 caliber MG Equilibrator Cradle Assembly - $295.00... MNT002 Fits all U.S. cradle sockets. US. G.I. part #704-6650

STUCK EQUILIBRATOR CRADLES - We have a few of these above Equilibrator Mounts that are complete but have gun & pivot pins frozen. Also have considerable surface rust. We normally reword these but don't have the time. MNT103



Perfect copy - build your own pedestal mount this is the socket used to make a variety of U.S. vehicle mounts fits inside pope with ID of 2 1/2". New condition lock assembly needs installation. Shaft diameter is .2470". U.S. made. Best quality, best price. MNT024


Heavy duty pintle lock assembly for U.S. vehicle mount sockets, will not bend or break.
Made to mil-spec

Mounting blocks for the pedestal mount bars shown below. Most pedestals have the block but if you need one we have it for 31C, M25, M24, etc etc... $24.95 MNT098


Original G.I. rubber socket plug for pedestal mount socket keeps socket clean pipe from flooding MNT104


OUR LATEST NEW MOUNT ITEM!! Perfect copies of original G.I. travel bars for M25, M31C, M24, etc. pedestal mounts. Includes a weld on mounting lug (to pedestal) if your mount doesn't have one. Perfect companion for our #D38579 WWII gun fork production.  MNT063



A magnificent reproduction of the #D38579. WWI U.S. BAR & Browning 1917 & A4 & A6 mounting fork assy. Made with all correct markings. These are virtually unavailable as originals. These are undetectable as repros. They have been so meticulously reproduced. They are expensive, but only 100 were produced so the cost to do so was alarming.
However this needed to be done, made of 8620 steel so you don't have to be afraid to shoot off to it. Cheaper ones were available but they didn't fit, weren't accurate and were made of low quality metal. While they last. MNT042


LVT4 VEHICLE SWIVEL MOUNT : Very Scarce, only a few in stock......... $595.00
M-60 M.G. MOUNT WITH AMMO CAN HOLDER : #10900945 M-142 Cradle....... $295.00
M-25 PEDESTAL MOUNT : A perfect replica of the WWII M25 pedestal mount as used on the WWII Jeeps and Halftracks.  These are also used for general ground and vehicle applications.  NOTE -  This is a quality accurate reproduction made to original GI specs.  These are cast and machined from "real steel" (4140), not malleable iron as offered cheap elsewhere.  If you want a quality piece for your $5,000 Jeep or $20,000 Halftrack, this is the ticket!  These are also good for general use for a gun platform that will stand gun fire.  Our mount cost us more than the others are selling for.  This is a finely machined piece............. $245.00 (pedestal only) MNTM25

Cradles for use on the M25:

  • U.S. equilibrator type for .50 cal... $295.00
  • U.S. .30/50 cal cradle... $595.00 MNT001
MACHINE GUN MOUNT AS USED ON THE M-48 TANK : #7364875 - Does not include Cupola Base........... $595.00
F9F AIRCRAFT .50 CALIBER AMMO BOX - 134 Rounds............ $195.00
M-63 ANTI-AIRCRAFT MOUNT : #6733246 - Used for A.A. and ground fire with the .50 cal. M2 gun........ $1250.00
M-3 TRIPOD : New Condition - for mounting the .50 caliber M2HB Browning.  Complete with Pintle and T&E mechanism..........  Inquire
MOUNT PINS FOR CRADLES : Be specific with your request........ Inquire
M-74 TRIPOD MOUNT : Parts available.......... Inquire
AMMO BOX ASSEMBLY : #6297425 - Used with .50 Cal. Ammo Boxes only........... $85.00
BRACKET : #7046653........... $65.00
IMAGA MOUNT : Standard mount socket with unusual cradle assembly.  Excellent for special custom projects.......... $50.00
AMMO BOX ASSEMBLY : #D36951 - Bolted to certain cradles and used in early M-49 ring mounts........ $150.00

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