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Sarco, Inc. Easton Pennsylvania


Ruby Mag Study

Due to recent changes in various state laws, we can no longer ship
"high capacity" magazines to certain cities and states as noted below:

Magazine Ban

  • New Jersey 15 rd

  • California 10 rd

  • Maryland 20 rd

  • Massachusetts 10 rd

  • Connecticut 10 rd

  • DC 10 rd

  • Hawaii pistol mags over 10 rd

  • Chicago Illinois 10 rd

  • Aurora Illinois 10 rd

  • Cicero Illinois 20 rd

  • Cook County Illinois 10 rd See list below for all towns in the county

  • Franklin Park Illinois 20 rd

  • New York State 10 rd fixed or detachable this includes links belts or stripper clips. 22 tubular mags are exempt

  • NYC 5 rd

  • Colorado 15 rds detachable or fixed magazines this includes links and belts         

  • No detachable shotgun mag over 8 rounds or a fixed shotgun mag over 28 inches. This does not apply to tubular 22 mags or tubular mags for lever action guns.

  • South Bend Indiana 10 rd

  • Wichita KS 20 rd

Rifle Magazines

Pistol Magazines


Rifle Magazines

RM039 .308 (7.62mm) mags for the 7.62mm Model 2A Enfield Original - few only
RM019 AK 7.62x39 10 round
RM014 Armalite AR7
RM009 Armscorp 1600
RM010 Armscorp AK/22
RM004 Carbine Destroyer 
RM011 Enfield .303 - MKIII SMLE Rifle 10 round
RM012 Enfield .303 - Early version of above - marked 2 or 3 on rear rib and has rotation follower retaining rib, early version
RM015 Enfield # 4, 10 round
RM018 French MAS 49 & 49/56 Very good condition 
RM021 FN49 Argentine 20rd, original, grade pre-ban for the Argentine 7.62 NATO FN49 semi auto
RM020 H&K G-3, 5 round
RM37 H&R Reising .22 LR "leather neck" & M65 .22 training rifle. Also fits commercial H7R .22's
RM39 Joloar 9mm Original
RM016 M1 .22 Springfield repro
RM017 M2 .22 Springfield repro
RM001 M4 Survival Rifle .22 Hornet 
RM43 MAS 45 & KKW Mauser .22 Rifles - these are MAS 45 mags, which are identical to the KKW (MAS took over the Mauser KKW production)
RM008 Models 20C, 20P, 2000 5C - also for Squires Bingham .22
RM007 Remington (.22 Cal) 10 Round 
RM023 Remington 5 rounds w/original Remington mag bodies, New
RM005 Remington 513 (.22 Caliber) 5 round
RM006 Savage/Stevens .22 Rifles (Fits most except Model 1909, 1912, NRA, & M23A)
RM002 Winchester M52
RM003 Winchester M52 (Original)

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Pistol Magazines


RPM204 6 Chasser (.22 Caliber) LR - Original
RPM001 Astra Constable (.22 Caliber)
RPM002 Beretta Minx S.R. (.22 Caliber)
RPM003 Beretta Model 948 L.R. (.22 Caliber)
RPM004 Bernadelli Model 60 (.22 Caliber)
RPM005 Bernadelli V.P. (Vest Pocket,.22 Caliber)
RPM006 Browning Challenger/Nomad (.22 Caliber)
RPM007 Colt Woodsman Early (.22 Caliber)
RPM008 Colt Woodsman Late (Magazine Catch on Side,.22 Caliber)
RPM009 Erma .22 Lugar (.22 Caliber)
RPM010 Galesi (.22 Caliber)
RPM011 Galesi (Vest Pocket,.22 Caliber)
RPM012 Hi-Standard Duramatic L.R. (.22 Caliber)
RPM013 Hi-Standard H.D. (.22 Caliber)
RPM015 Hi-Standard H.D.M (.22 Caliber)
RPM014 Hi-Standard Model B (.22 Caliber)
RPM016 Hi-Standard Supermatic (.22 Caliber)
RPM017 Rugar Late (.22 Caliber)
RPM019 Star Model F (.22 Caliber)
RPM018 Star Model F.N./F.R. (.22 Caliber) 
RPM242 Sterling Model 302 (.22 Caliber) LR  - Original

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RPM126  Astra Cub (.25 Caliber)
RPM021 Astra Fire Cat (.25 Caliber)
RPM023 Bauer (.25 Caliber)
RPM024 Bayard (.25 Caliber)
RPM025 Bayard Model 1908 (.25 Caliber)
RPM028 Beretta Jet Fire (.25 Caliber)
RPM026 Beretta Model 1915 (.25 Caliber)
RPM029 Beretta Model 418 (.25 Caliber)
RPM030 Beretta Model 950B (.25 Caliber)
RPM027 Bernadelli Flat Bottom (.25 Caliber)
RPM031 Browning Baby (.25 Caliber)
RPM032 Browning Model 1906 (.25 Caliber)
RPM033 Colt Repro/Hammerless (.25 Caliber)
RPM034 CZ-Duo (.25 Caliber)
RPM035 CZ-Model 1936 (.25 Caliber)
RPM036 Destroyer (.25 Caliber)
RPM213 MAB Model A (.25 Caliber) ACP
RPM038 Mauser Model 1910 (.25 Caliber)
RPM037 Mauser WTP (.25 Caliber)
RPM039 Ortgies (.25 Caliber)
RPM040 Raven (.25 Caliber)
RPM041 Sterling Model 300 (.25 Caliber)
RPM042 Unique (.25 Caliber)
RPM043 Walther Model # 8 (.25 Caliber)
RPM044 Walther Model # 9 (.25 Caliber)
RPM045 Walther Model 2&5 (.25 Caliber)
RPM046 Webly Model 1906/1909 w/o Ejector (.25 Caliber)

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RPM178 Astra Model 3000 (.32 Caliber)  - Original
RPM047 Astra Model 300/3000, Side Magazine Catch (.32 Caliber)
RPM048 Bayard Model 1908 (.32 Caliber)
RPM049 Beretta Model 1919 (.32 Caliber)
RPM050 Beretta Model 1934 (.32 Caliber)
RPM051 Beretta Model 70 Puma (.32 Caliber)
RPM147 Beretta Model 70T (.32 Caliber)
RPM053 Browning Model 1900 (.32 Caliber)
RPM054 Browning Model 1910 (.32 Caliber)
RPM055 Browning Model 1922 (.32 Caliber)
RPM056 Colt Model 1903 (.32 Caliber)
RPM057 CZ Model 1927 (.32 Caliber)
RPM058 Dreyse Model 1907 (.32 Caliber)
RPM059 Femaru Model 37 (.32 Caliber)
RPM193 French Model 35A (.32 Caliber)  - Original
RPM060 Frommer Stop (.32 Caliber)
RPM061 Galesi (.32 Caliber)
RPM062 H&R Self Loading (.32 Caliber)
RPM064 MAB Model D (.32 Caliber)
RPM065 Mauser Model 1910, 1914, 1934 (.32 Caliber)
RPM066 Mauser Model HSC (32 Cal.)
RPM067 Ortgies (.32 Caliber)
RPM146 Remington 51 (.32 Caliber)
RPM068 Ruby (.32 Caliber)
RPM069 Sauer Model 1930 Old Style (.32 Caliber)
RPM070 Sauer Model 38-H (.32 Caliber)
RPM071 Savage .32 Caliber
RPM072 Steyr Original (.32 Caliber)
RPM073 Walther Model #4 (.32 Caliber)
RPM074 Walther PP Super cal. 9x18 (.32 Caliber)
RPM075 Walther PP/PPKS (.32 Caliber)
RPM076 Walther PPK (.32 Caliber)
RPM077 Walther PPK Manurhin Marked (.32 Caliber)
RPM078 Webly Original (.32 Caliber)

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RPM079 Colt Model 1900 .38 Auto (.38 Caliber)
RPM151 Colt 38 Super
RPM080 Llama .38 Super, Narrow Floorplate (.38 Caliber)
RPM081 Llama Model 6 .38 Super (.38 Caliber)
RPM082 Llama Model 8 .38 Super (.38 Caliber)
RPM083 Star Model A .38 Super (.38 Caliber)

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RPM182 Beretta Model 70 (.380 Caliber)  - Original
RPM084 Browning Model 1910 (.380 Caliber)
RPM085 Browning Model 1922 (.380 Caliber)
RPM087 Colt Model 1903
RPM153 Colt Mustang 6 round
RPM088 Colt Pony (Star-Model D) (.380 Caliber)
RPM089 CZ DA Model 1938 (.380 Caliber)
RPM090 CZ Model 1924 (.380 Caliber)
RPM091 Femaru P-37 (.380 Caliber)
RPM092 Frommer Stop (.380 Caliber)
RPM093 H&K Model # 4 (.380 Caliber)
RPM094 Mauser HSC Reproduction (.380 Caliber)
RPM095 Ortgies (.380 Caliber)
RPM096 Remington Model 51 (.380 Caliber)
RPM097 Savage Model 1910/1917 (.380 Caliber)
RPM247 Trejo (.380 Caliber) - Original
RPM098 Walther PPK (.380 Caliber)
RPM099 Walther PPK/S (.380 Caliber)

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RPM159 Astra Model 400 (9mm Caliber) Largo Original
RPM101 Astra Model 600 (9mm Caliber)
RPM150 Beretta Brigadeer/Helwan
RPM105 Browning Hi-Power 13 Round, Blued (9mm Caliber)
RPM103 Browning Hi-Power 13 Round, Stainless Steel (9mm Caliber)
RPM130 CZ Model 52 (9mm Caliber or 7.62)
RPM102 Glisenti 9mm repro
RPM106 Hungarian Hi-Power P9R (9mm Caliber)
RPM107 Lahti Original (9mm Caliber)
RPM108 Luger P08 (9mm Caliber)
RPM109 Radom (9mm Caliber)
RPM110 S&W Model 39 (9mm Caliber)
RPM148 S&W Model 59 15 round
RPM111 Star BM/BKM/BKS (9mm Caliber)
RPM152 Star - Fire Star Model 43, 7 round
RPM114 Star Model B (9mm Caliber)
RPM132 Star - Modelo Super 9mm Largo - Original
RPM112 Taurus Model 92 (9mm Caliber)
RPM163 Tokarev (9mm)
RPM113 Walther P-38 (9mm Caliber)



RPM119 Ballister Molina
RPM127 Colt 1911 10 round
RPM124 Colt 1911 "Shooting Star" Stainless Steel 8 round
RPM122 Colt 1911 Blued 8 round
RPM123 Colt 1911 with Lanyard Loop
RPM154 Colt 1911 New Orig G.I. in G.I. packaging
RPM155 Colt 1911 New w/o packaging
RPM116 Colt 1911 Import
RPM121 Colt 1911 Stainless Steel 7 round
RPM115 Colt 1911 U.S. Made
RPM118 Star Model P.S.
RPM117 Star Model PD

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Ruby Mag Study

Manufacturer Code

Company Name



Gaspar Arizaga



Azanza y Arrizabalaga

(Reims, Modelo 1916)


La Armeria Elgoibaresa



Francisco Arizmendi y Goenaga

(Ideal, Roland, Brunswig)


Fabrica de Armas Alkartasuna

(Alkar, Kapitan, Panama)


Aldabazal y Leturiondo



Arizmendi, Zulacia y Cia

(Cebra) some may be overstamped (Beistegui Hermanos)


Beistegui Hermanos

(1914 Model Automatic Pistol)





Possibly Erquiaga y Cia



Esperanza y Unceta

(Model 1914, Model 1915, Model 1916, Astra Patent, Brunswig Model 1916, Victoria)


Garate, Anitua y Cia

(Express, Danton)


Gabilondo y Urresti



Hijos de Angel, Echeverria

(Vesta) code may also be marked on slide, (Izarro)


Bonifacio Echeverria



Isidrio Gaztaņaga

(Destroyer) safety behind grip, (Indian)


La Industria Orbea



Iraola y Salaverria y Cia



Fa de Martin Bascaran



Retolaza Hermanos

(Liberty, Military, Paramount, Retolaza, Stosel, Titan, Titanic, 1914 Model Automatic Pistol)


Victor/Vincenzo Bernado y Cia






Zulaica y Compania

(1914 Model, Royal, Vincitor)


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