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Sarco, Inc. Easton Pennsylvania

Telescope M84 Parts

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The telescope M84 is a straight tube type telescope with a fixed focus used for direct sighting. It has been used as a sniper’s sighting device on the MIC and MID Garand Rifles, the M1903A4 rifle and the M14 rifle. The telescope is characterized by a large, bright field of view utilizing a sunshade to shade the objective and prevent reflections, and an eyeshield to position the observer’s eye at the proper distance.

The telescope has an elevation range knob calibrated from 0 to 900 yards, in 50 yard intervals – causing a total change in elevation of 12.1 mils. A windage knob, having a range of 20 minutes either right or left, is used to correct drift caused by wind. The scope has a magnification of 2.2 power.

The M84 telescope was developed during W.W.II as an improvement over the Lyman M81 and M82 telescopes then in use. The M84 was standardized in April, 1945, although it is believed that there was no actual production until the Korean War in the 1950’s.

The prime contractor of M84 scopes was the Libby-Owens-Ford Glass Company of Ohio.

SARCO, Inc. has acquired a large quantity of spare parts which had been in storage since the 1950’s at the Libby-Owens –Ford factory. We can now offer virtually every part of the M84 telescope in factory new condition. Please check the following list for your requirements.

Special pricing available for quantity buyers.

M84 Telescope Optical System

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1 – Window

2 – Objective Lens

3 –Objective Cell Diaphragm

4 – Reticle

5 –Erector Lens

6 – Eyelens

7 – Window

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  • Telescope Optical System
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