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Sarco, Inc. Easton Pennsylvania

M60 Machine Guns Parts

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10,000 M13 links for M60 LMG (7.62mm) all for only... $150.00 M60005
(could have surface rust from storage)

Survival and Accessory Kit  M60009

M60 TRUNIONS - these were made 20 years ago by Sendra in Illinois for their M60 project - They look to be finished except for a few corners that need to be rounded & other minor machining operations. M60 trunions have become impossible to find and I hear go for up to $1000.00. these need a little reaming work and are a steal at only. M60103 SOLD AS-IS. NO RETURNS


M60052 M60 actuator
M60011 M60 barrel assy
M60077 M60 barrel Bag
M60076 M60 barrel for Dummy Gun
M60032 M60 barrel lock
M60090 M60 barrel stripped
M60007 M60 bipod
M60043 M60 blank adaptor
M60089 M60 bolt plug
M60028 M60 bolt plug pin
M60038 M60 bore sight
M600052 M60 breech Bolt Assembly
M60060 M60 buffer assy
M60057 M60 buffer Yoke
M60003 M60 buttstock
M60075 M60 buttstock E3 GI New
M60039 M60 buttstock Gd 3
M60101 M60 canvas bandoleers, original early
M60070 M60 carry handle
M60078 M60 chamber Brush
M60099 M60 charging handle
M60048 M60 combo wrench
M60040 M60 detent carry handle
M60035 M60 ejector
M60062 M60 ejector pin
M60036 M60 ejector spring
M60067 M60 extention gas cylinder
M60033 M60 extractor
M60034 M60 extractor spring
M60102 M60 extractor removal tool
M60091 M60 feed cam retainer
M60092 M60 feed cam retern spring
M60080 M60 feed lever retaining spring
M60030 M60 feed tray and hanger assy
M60082 M60 feed tray stripped
M60083 M60 feed tray with pawl
M60053 M60 firing pin
M60059 M60 firing pin bearing
M60015 M60 firing pin spring
M60014 M60 flash hider
M60050 M60 forend
M60065 M60 front cart stop
M60063 M60 front sight
M60072 M60 gas cyl plug
M60064 M60 gas cylinder
M60071 M60 gas cylinder nut
M60079 M60 gas piston
M60081 M60 Grade 3 Forend
M6068 M60 Grade II Links
M60073 M60 guide cocking handle
M60055 M60 guide recoil spring multi strand
M60085 M60 guide recoil spring single
M60113 M60 handguard repair plate
M60056 M60 Key Washer
M60022 M60 latch hinge pin
M60019 M60 leaf spring trigger housing
M60005 M60 links
M60026 M60 Links 1000 Pack
M60074 M60 Links w/surface rust
M60046 M60 Maintenance Kit
M60061 M60 opperating rod
M60500 M60 Parts Sets
M60047 M60 pin flashhider
M60020 M60 pin hinge cover
M60037 M60 plunger extractor
M60066 M60 rear cat stop
M60054 M60 rear sight
M60002 M60 receiver stretch gauge
M60049 M60 reciever brush
M60006 M60 recoil spring multi strand
M60094 M60 ring carry handle, barrel
M60093 M60 roller op rod
M60017 M60 Saftey
M60044 M60 saftey plunger
M60100 M60 screw cocking handle guide
M60069 M60 Sear
M60023 M60 sear pin
M60025 M60 sear plunger
M60024 M60 sear spring
M60084 M60 single strand recoil spring
M60004 M60 sling
M60041 M60 spring detent carry handle
M60045 M60 spring saftey plunger
M60051 M60 stripped bolt
M60009 M60 survival pack
M60021 M60 top cover spring
M60031 M60 top cover stripped
M60018 M60 trigger
M60012 M60 trigger assembly
M60058 M60 Trigger housing pin
M600051 M60 Trigger Housing stripped
M60016 M60 trigger pin
M60008 M60, Night, Sight, Mounting, Bracket
M60095 M60D leaf spring
M60042 M60D rear sight
M60027 M60D rubber dust boot
M60029 M60D sear housing
M60086 M60E3 buttplate
M60087 M60E3 carry handle
M60096 M60E3 feed lever retaing spring
M60098 M60E3 front grip
M60088 M60E3 Front sight post
M60010 M60E3 gas cylinder
M60097 M60E3 heat sheild
M60001 M60E3 stripped top cover

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