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Sarco, Inc. Easton Pennsylvania


M84 Telescope Sights for the 1903A4 Springfield & M1D Garand Sniper Rifles. A Mil-Spec reproduction of the original – produced by a company that produced these scopes for a military contract years ago. Used original drawings for the production. Comes with rubber eye shield & data plate factory collimated to 300 yards. Exciting price. GRD260

Add on specials:

  1. M84 scope with M1D scope mount… GRD261

  2. M84 scope with M1D scope mount & scope mount barrel block…GRD262

For repro M84 Scope Buyers -
We have original G.I. M84 scope data plates without serial #’s. A great addition to your repro scope…

Click here for M84 Telescope Parts


Beautiful M1C Spec Current production of the WWII M1 Garand elevating pinion & windage knob assembly - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details... $49.95 GRD252

Component parts:

  • Elevating pinion, repro…  GRD253

  • Elevating knob, repro…  GRD254

  • Elevationg knob screw, repro… GRD255

  • Windage knob, repro…  GRD256

  • Windage knob lock bar, repro… GRD257

  • Windage knob lock nut, repro…  GRD258

  • Windage knob lock bar spring, repro…  GRD259


GRD268 7.62 NATO (.308) M1 Garand Kit - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
GRD269 7.62 NATO (.308) M1 Garand Kit HAND SELECT - Same kit as above but hand select.
GRD172 Accessory Kit - 9 Parts - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
GRD163 Accessory Kit - 6 Parts- See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
GRD129 Accessory Pouch WWII
GRD157 Barrel .30-06
GRD158 Barrel .308
GRD003 Barrel 7.62 Nato 1/2 Inch Short
GRD002 Barrel "Clunker Grade"
GRD153 Barrel Danish contract by Beretta or Breda - your choice Excellent, Original
GRD001 Barrel (Used, Fair)
GRD222 Barrel Original WWII poor bore, some finish, some pitting outside 1944-1945
GRD223 Barrel Original WWII fair bore, some finish, some pitting outside 1944-1945
GRD224 Barrel Post War, fair bore, some finish, some pitting outside
GRD225 Barrel Post War , good bores, some finish, some pitting outside
GRD227 Barrel S/A exc bore - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
GRD229 Barrel S/A good cond w/pitting - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
GRD228 Barrel S/A good cond, some frosting in bore clean outside
GRD234 Barrel Winchester WWII Orig Good-VG Gage 4 to 5 bores G.I. rebuild reparked
GRD245 Bipod - M14 Type Bipods for the M1 Garands – Clamps to the barrel and gas cylinder. 5 height positions. Can be canted plus has a 1 ” swivel attached. Folds back under gun.
GRD161 Blank Adapter Danish
GRD126 Blank Adapter G.I.  
BRUSH-001 Bronze Bore Brush, 30 cal
GRD071 Bolt (Complete)
GRD070 Bolt (Stripped Used)
GRD123 Bolt HRA (Complete)
GRD120 Bolt HRA (Stripped)
GRD122 Bolt International Harvester (Complete)
GRD073 Bolt International Harvester (Stripped)
GRD121 Bolt Winchester (Complete)
GRD072 Bolt Winchester (Stripped)
GRD232 Bolt Winchester (Stripped) with Pitting
GRD065 Bullet Guide
GRD248 Bullet Guide, Post War Stamped
GRD249 Bullet Guide, Post War Stamped with Thumb Notch
GRD046 Butt Swivel
GRD024 Buttstock U.S./ G.I. Used (Good Condition) Orig. - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
GRD026 Buttstock M1C/M1D SNIPER - found with the excellent group above. Have 2 small holes in bottom of stock where the sniper cheek pad would attach. Cheek pads are NOT on these stocks. Many have "open box/SA" inspector's mark  as found on sniper Garands.
GRD218 Buttstock Utility Grade
GRD220 Buttplate Assembly - Beautiful new G.I. color finish to exact G.I. dimensions (you can't tell it from G.I.)
GRD042 Buttplate Good (Used)
GRD043 Buttplate Screw Bottom (Long)
GRD044 Buttplate Screw Upper (Small)
GRD115 Carrying Case
GRD125 Cartridge Belt M1923 U.S. WWII for M1 Garand
GRD124 Cheekpad Sniper Leather, Repro
CLN064 Cleaning Kit - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
CLN047 Handle for M10 cleaning rod 
CLN010 Cleaning rod buffers 
GRD170 Clip, original G.I., VG-Excellent
GRD275 Clip, current production by Govt contractor
GRD131 Clips 2-round for match shooters
GRD130 Clips 5-round hunting clips
GRD021 Clip Ejector
GRD081 Clip Latch
GRD082 Clip Latch Pin
GRD083 Clip Latch Spring
GRD134 Combo Tool used
GRD165 Combo Tool w/Brush Absolutely New GI Orig WWII
GRD138 Combo Tool w/Brush Like New
GRD128 Eight Shot Clips New
GRD076 Ejector
GRD077 Ejector Spring
GRD078 Ejector w/ Spring
GRD087 Elevation Assembly (Early Style)
GRD086 Elevation Pinion (Late Style)
GRD075 Extractor
GRD079 Extractor Spring w/ Plunger
GRD174 Ferrule Assembly Milled
GRD074 Firing Pin
GRD186 Flashider Lock Bracket G.I.
GRD147 Flashider (Cone) Milled
GRD148 Flashider (Cone) Stamped
GRD067 Follower (stripped)
GRD062 Follower Arm
GRD064 Follower Arm Pin
GRD068 Follower Assembly
GRD061 Follower Rod (Used)
GRD066 Follower Slide
GRD109 Front Sight
GRD110 Front Sight Screw
GRD208 Gas Cylinder New Original U.S. G.I.
GRD098 Gas Cylinder (Gauged & Refinished) best of best
GRD246 Gas Cylinder (Gaged within G.I. Specs)
GRD247 Gas Cylinder (Select Gaged 90-95% Finish)
GRD096 Gas Cylinder (Serviceable)
GRD097 Gas Cylinder (Serviceable Refinished)
GRD099 Gas Cylinder Lock (New)
GRD100 Gas Cylinder Lock (Used)
GRD105 Gas Cylinder Lock Screw Early (Solid)
GRD104 Gas Cylinder Lock Screw Late (Used)
GRD101 Gas Cylinder Lock w/Hump (New)
GRD102 Gas Cylinder Lock w/Hump (Used)
GRD016 Hammer
GRD231 Hammer, Winchester
GRD015 Hammer Pin
GRD013 Hammer Spring
GRD012 Hammer Spring Housing
GRD014 Hammer Spring Plunger
GRD041 Handguard Band Rear 
GRD039 Handguard Ferrule Front 
GRD036 Handguard Front New Birch
GRD162 Handguard Front Walnut New Orig GI
GRD034 Handguard Front Used G.I.
GRD035 Handguard Front w/Metal New (Dark Hardwood)
GRD270 Handguard Rear Clip Installation Tool
GRD032 Handguard Rear M1D Used
GRD031 Handguard Rear New Birch
GRD033 Handguard Rear New G.I. M1D
GRD030 Handguard Rear w/Metal New (Dark Hardwood)
GRD176 Handguard Rear Short Used
GRD207 Handguard Rear Used
GRD051 Handguard Walnut w/metal, new - Front & Rear Set
GRD210 Handguard Walnut w/o metal, new - Front & Rear Set
GRD040 Handguard Spacer Front 
GRD089 Hooded Rear Sight Aperture National Match
Your choice of .520 or .595 NM aperture
GRD192 Kit, all parts but barrel & receiver - good condition - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
GRD190 Lock Bar Sight Assembly, Original WWII (pinion w/gear is new, other parts are exc-new)
GRD037 Lower Band
GRD038 Lower Band Pin
GRD177 NATO Conversion Set
OIL035 Oiler, late plastic WWII, new
OIL015 Oiler, brass & throng set, exc.
OIL016 Oiler, plastic & throng set, used, exc.
GRD053 Op Rod (Beretta Mfg.)
GRD058 Op Rod (Excellent Condition)
GRD055 Op Rod (International Harvester Mfg.)
GRD056 Op Rod (National Match)
GRD057 Op Rod (Winchester Repeating Arms)
GRD054 Op Rod G.I. (Harrington & Richardson)
GRD052 Op Rod G.I. (Used)
GRD206 Op Rod P.B. marked
GRD175 Op Rod Short 7.62
GRD063 Op Rod Catch Assembly
GRD141 Op Rod SA-9 uncut
GRD215 Op Rod Set (includes op rod & SS op rod spring & follower rod (op rod spring guides)
GRD171 Op Rod Spring Stainless Steel 17-7 - Best on the market
GRD059 Op Rod Spring (New G.I.)
GRD060 Op Rod Spring (Used)
GRD211 Op Rod Tip (Gas Piston)
GRD235 Pinion Assembly HRA
GRD182 Pinion, Stripped New G.I.
GRD265 Pinion, Stripped Orig. G.I. Early, Used VG-Exc
GRD266 Pinion, Stripped Orig. G.I. Early, Lesser Quality
GRD267 Pinion, Stripped Orig. G.I. Early, Reject as-is
TOOL044 Ratchet Chamber Brush 
GRD088 Rear Sight Aperture
GRD094 Rear Sight Assembly Late 
GRD084 Rear Sight Base
GRD085 Rear Sight Base National Match
GRD093 Rear Sight Cover
GRD095 Rear Sight National Match (elevating pinion assy not included)
Your choice of .520 or .595 NM aperture
GRD221 Rear Sight Lock Bar, Type 2
GRD209 Rear Sight Windage Lock Nut Screw & Bushing, repro
GRD143 Receiver Front Demilled w/good intact ring & locking lug recess 
GRD139 Receiver Wrench
GRD018 Safety Int'l Harvester
GRD017 Safety
GRD011 Sear
GRD136 Set of Stock Hardware - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
GRD213 Set of Stock Hardware same as above, but NOT parkerized
GRD137 Scabbard, Leather M1
GRD112 Scope Mount M1D
GRD188 Short Fork Riveted Follower, original, excellent, original finish
GRD241 Short Thread Sight Pinion, some pits - Original
GRD240 Short Thread Sight Pinion - Stripped Original
GRD114 Sight & Muzzle Cover
SLNG024 Sling, Repro WWI Leather w/Brass Hardware  
SLNG025 Sling, Repro WWII Leather w/Steel Hardware Repro
GRD219 Spare Pin & Spring Kit
GRD106 Stacking Swivel (New)
GRD107 Stacking Swivel (Used)
GRD108 Stacking Swivel Screw
GRD028 Stock 7.62 1/2 Inch Short Beretta
GRD027 Stock Average Used Condition Average No Cracks
GRD048 Stock Ferrule Assembly
GRD047 Stock Ferrule Stripped
GRD049 Stock Ferrule Swivel
GRD050 Stock Ferrule Swivel Screw
GRD173 Stock Italian Garand Beretta .308 w/original markings: FAT & date in rectangle - Good to Very Good
GRD026 Stock U.S./ G.I. Sniper MID/MIC (Used) - not marked
GRD144 Stock Sniper SA Marked
GRD004 Tanker Barrel .30-06
GRD180 Tanker Set
GRD273 Tanker Op Rod - may require minor rework - sold AS IS
GRD010 Trigger
GRD009 Trigger & Sear Assembly
GRD019 Trigger Guard Milled
GRD020 Trigger Guard Stamped
GRD023 Trigger Housing Assembly
GRD022 Trigger Housing Stripped
GRD272 Trigger Housing Stripped, new or like new, your choice - WWII or Post War
GRD152 Trigger Housing Winchester reparked stripped
GRD008 Trigger Pin
GRD200 Windage and Elevation Knob Assembly
GRD092 Windage Knob (Early) Original
GRD090 Windage Knob (Late Style)
GRD091 Windage Knob (National Match) 
GRD237 Windage Knob HRA
GRD212 Winter Trigger Assembly
GRD239 WRA 1 Safety

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GRD113 M1D Barrel Block
GRD159 M1D Barrel w/Scope Base .30-06 - perfect repro parkerized
GRD026 M1C/M1D Sniper Buttstock - Have 2 small holes in bottom of stock where the sniper cheek pad would attach. Cheek pads are NOT on these stocks.
GRD205 M1C/M1D Sniper Buttstock - Have 2 small holes in bottom of stock where the sniper cheek pad would attach. Cheek pads are NOT on these stocks. Has "open box/SA" inspector's mark as found on sniper Garands
GRD111 T-37 Flashider
GRD033 M1D Handguard Rear New G.I. Original
GRD032 M1D Handguard Rear Used
GRD112 M1D Scope Mount
GRD145 M1D Sniper Combo Set Special - Valued at $211.50 (see below for special offer on M1D barrel with purchase of this set) - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
SPECIAL OFFER: Our M1D barrels usually sell for $235, but if you purchase one with the set, we'll sell it to you for $224.95!


Original G.I. .30-06 Garand Barrels
All non-import marked except the few noted.

    Make Date Throat Erosion Gage Bore Price
A 9. SA 8-53 TE-6 Fair - Good $150.00
11. SA 10-65 TE-4 Fair - Good imp. marked faint $175.00
12. SA 8-53 TE-5 Fair - Good $175.00
15. SA 4-53 TE-6 Good $175.00
  16. SA 7-65 TE-3.5 Fair - Good $175.00
  17. LMR 9-53 TE-6.5 Fair - Good $175.00
  18. SA 4-50 TE-5.5 Fair - Good $150.00
  19. SA 4-53 TE-4 Fair $175.00
  20. SA 10-54 TE-5.5 Fair - Good $175.00
  21. SA 853 TE-5 Very Good $225.00
C 1 VAR 12-61        5 Good (re-cut crown, needs finishing) $125.00
2 WIN 3-67 4.5 Good (re-cut crown, needs finishing) $125.00
4 SA 4-54 4.5 Good $150.00
5 SA 10-49 3.75 Good/Some pitting (pitting under rear handguard) $125.00
D 1 HRA dated 3/53 3.5 Muzzle worn. Govt repark, slight pitting under rear handguard, peppery bore $150.00


Original G.I. Non-Import Marked Garand Barrels
Few Only
We offer 4 grades from 50's & 60's

SA gage 4 or less $135.00
SA gage 4.5 or over $125.00
LMR gage 4 or less $160.00
LMR gage 4.5 or over $150.00

Note: All barrels have some pitting hidden under the rear handguard.
Bores are good to VG - outside shows finish wear

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