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M1 Carbine



M1 Carbine Belt Buckles - all metal 3" buckle in attractive box. These are a piece of history as they are "Universal Firearms" buckles (marked) who made M1 Carbines 20-30 years ago. Silver carbine on a bronze background with combat and hunting scenes in the background. These fit standard bolts. Small quantity... CRB165 View Photo


A. Front sight installation tool........ CRB174

B. Front sight removal tool.. CRB175

C. Receiver wrench with barrel block set for barrel removal... CRB006

SPECIAL – Set of all A, B & C tools................................... CRB176

D. Rear sight installation adjustment tool .............................CRB177

SPECIAL – Set of all A, B, C, & D tools above.......................CRB178


CRB027 M1 Barrel Band Screw, 1st model correct screw
CRB026 M1 Barrel Band w/ Bayonet Lug, late production
CRB142 M1 Battery Charging Rack - G.I. can charge 8 or 10 of the M3 Infrared sniper scope batteries at one time. Still in their original crates. Can ship these UPS (wt. 136 lbs)
CRB072 M1 Bolt flat early complete
CRB070 M1 Bolt flat early stripped
CRB158 M1 Bolt Disassembly Tool, new original G.I. - in wraps
CRB148 M1 Flash Hider, original G.I.
CRB164 M1 Flip Up Sight "L" Type for early M1 WWII Carbine, current production
CRB044 M1 Hammer
CRB056 M1 Mag Catch
CRB134 M1 Mag Pouch, Stock Type 15 rd - perfect repros of WWII 
CRB156 M1 Muzzle Break, original G.I.
CRB157 M1 Muzzle Break and Flash Hider Set, original G.I.
CRB005 M1 Parts Kit
CRB154 M1 Rear Sight, milled
CRB155 M1 Rear Sight, Late Stamped, not milled
CRB049 M1 Sear
CRB015 M1 Slide
CRB137 M1 Spring Kit - A put-away special - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
CRB173 M1 Spring & Pin Kit - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details  
CRB013 M1 Stock, standard walnut used G.I.
CRB147 M1 Stock, walnut G.I. early Rock Island Arsenal rework - arsenal sanded, exc. cond.
CRB098 M1A1 Stock, carbine folding paratrooper - new
CRB061 M1 Trigger Housing (Stripped)
CRB075 M1/M2 Barrel Band (Second Model)
CRB023 M1/M2 Barrel Band 1st Model -
CRB036 M1/M2 Barrel Band Retaining Spring
CRB025 M1/M2 Barrel Band w/Bayonet Lug New, G.I. Parkerized
CRB007 M1/M2 Barrel Wrench
CRB093 M1/M2 Blank Adapter
CRB002 M1/M2 Bolt Assembly Tool
CRB096 M1/M2 Brass Deflector
CRB034 M1/M2 Buttplate (Commercial)
CRB033 M1/M2 Buttplate (New) G.I.
CRB035 M1/M2 Buttplate (Nickel)
CRB032 M1/M2 Buttplate (Used)
CRB031 M1/M2 Buttplate Screw
CRB094 M1/M2 Carrying Case
CRB028 M1/M2 Demilled Front 2" of a Receiver w/good intact ring & locking lug recess
CRB179 M1/M2 Sheared rear end of a Carbine receiver - sheared in front of rear sight base
CRB180 Set of both CRB028 & CRB179
CRB101 M1/M2 Dual Clip Holder (Carbine Jungle Clips)
CRB067 M1/M2 Ejector
CRB066 M1/M2 Ejector and Spring
CRB068 M1/M2 Ejector Spring
CRB063 M1/M2 Extractor
CRB065 M1/M2 Extractor Spring
CRB064 M1/M2 Extractor Spring and Plunger
CRB069 M1/M2 Firing Pin
CRB097 M1/M2 Flashider
CRB132 M1/M2 Flashider & Recoil Check Combo
CRB080 M1/M2 Front Sight
CRB078 M1/M2 Front Sight Key
CRB079 M1/M2 Front Sight Pin
CRB081 M1/M2 Front Sight G.I.(New Parkerized)
CRB082 M1/M2 Gas Piston
CRB083 M1/M2 Gas Piston Nut
CRB003 M1/M2 Gas Piston Nut Wrench
CRB046 M1/M2 Hammer Pin
CRB041 M1/M2 Hammer Spring
CRB042 M1/M2 Hammer Spring Plunger
HNGD05 M1 Handguard Carbine New Walnut
HNGD39 M1/M2 Handguard used G.I. 2 rivet
CRB100 M1/M2 M1A1 Pistol Grip current production
CRB058 M1/M2 Mag Catch Spring and Plunger
CRB095 M1/M2 Mag Dust Cover
CRB091 M1/M2 Magazine Pouch, Holds Two 15 round magazines, used
CRB010 M1/M2 Magazine,15 Round (New)
CRB009 M1/M2 Magazine,15 Round (Used)
CRB008 M1/M2 Magazine, 30 Round (New) Banana Clip
CRB138 M1/M2 Mag Pouch w/4 new Banana Clips
CRB102 M1/M2 Muzzle Brake (recoil check)
OIL018 M1/M2 Oiler excellent original G.I.
OIL019 M1/M2 Oiler repro
CRB006 M1/M2 Receiver Wrench
CRB001 M1/M2 Recoil Plate
CRB030 M1/M2 Recoil Plate Nut
CRB029 M1/M2 Recoil Plate Screw
CRB020 M1/M2 Recoil Spring (Hi-Speed)
CRB021 M1/M2 Recoil Spring Guide
CRB022 M1/M2 Recoil Spring Housing (Early)
CRB019 M1/M2 Recoil Spring Std
CRB059 M1/M2 Safety Spring and Plunger
CRB103 M1/M2 Scope Mount
CRB104 M1/M2 Scope Mount w/Rings 
CRB051 M1/M2 Sear Spring
CRB017 M1/M2 Slide Stop
CRB018 M1/M2 Slide Stop Spring
CRB088 M1/M2 Sling and Oiler Set
SLNG006 M1/M2 Sling Khaki (New Reproduction)
SLNG005 M1/M2 Sling O.D. (New Reproduction)
CRB052 M1/M2 Trigger
CRB043 M1/M2 Trigger Housing Pin
CRB048 M1/M2 Trigger Pin
CRB053 M1/M2 Trigger Spring
CRB004 M1/M2 Trigger Spring Removal Tool
CRB099 M1/M2 M1A1 Forend
CRB040 M2 Disconnector Lever Assembly, Late
CRB047 M2 Disconnector Spring and Plunger, Late
CRB045 M2 Hammer
CRB057 M2 Mag Catch, Late, with mag support
CRB014 M2 Pot Belly Stock used G.I. walnut
CRB055 M2 Safety (Flip Type)
CRB050 M2 Sear with Hump
CRB016 M2 Slide G.I. Late
CRB062 M2 Trigger Housing (Stripped), Late w/cut
CRB152 M2 Trigger Housing late production G.I. excellent
CRB149 M2 Trip Lever 


New Condition - Very Few Available
CRBFP01 Handguard - walnut $12.50
CRBFP02 Forend $85.00
CRBFP03 Recoil Plate $25.00
CRBFP04 Recoil Plate Top Cover (Cap) $20.00
CRBFP05 Long Tension Screw (hinge) $15.00
CRBFP06 Recoil Plate Screw (wood) Long $4.00
CRBFP07 Right Hand Stock Plate $10.00
CRBFP08 Buttplate, stripped $25.00
CRBFP09 Buttplate Spring $10.00
CRBFP10 Rear Folding Stock Assembly Inquire
CRBFP11 Pistol Grip original $19.95
CRBFP12 Hinge Spring $3.50
CRBFP13 Hinge Spring Tube (spacer) N/A
CRBFP14 Lower Wood Screw $2.50
CRBFP15 Hinge Assembly $35.00
CRBFP16 Rivets Set (set of 3 rivets) $7.00/set
CRBFP17 Left Hand Stock Plate Leather Covered $20.00
CRBFP18 Upper Stock Wire $15.00
CRBFP19 Lower Stock Wire $20.00
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