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AR340 Original Colt Made G.I. M16A2 Kit
AR323 Original Colt Made G.I. M16A1 Complete Parts Sets
AR150 AR15 Parts Kit with Flat top upper with detachable carrying handle & rear sight
AR224 AR15 Parts Kit with Flat top upper without detachable carrying handle & rear sight
AR335  Complete AR15 A4 (Flat Top) upper kit for our AR-Retractable stock carbine
AR334 Complete AR15 A2 Kit
AR336 Complete AR15 A2 upper kit. M16A2 configuration


AR310 Original G.I. Knights Armament Rail Accessories Kit
  Comes in the original roll up convenience pack. Brand new condition. They fit all mil-spec Picatinny rail systems. Original cost at knights armament is well over $200.00. These are new but we’ll cal them exc to new. These rail covers are used to cover up the rough protrusions of the Picatinny rail system for a natural feel on the handguard. Also included is the Picatinny compatible forward vertical pistol grip. Included:
2 ea. - 2 rib rail covers  2 ea. - 11 rib rail covers
2 ea. - 6 rib rail covers 1 – front vertical pistol grip
1 ea. – 4 rib rail covers  1 – roll up carrying case



AR15/M16 Scope 4 x 20 Mil Dot - Scope ONLY  We here at Sarco are all celebrating by bringing our AR15/M16 customers a new and exciting combat, target, and hunting scope. We were so excited we bought the whole production delivery. Features of this scope: 

bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet

Universal 4 power

Tube diameter 1.3”

Objective diameter 20mm

Length 7.9”

Eye relief 3.3”

Eye pupil 6.0mm

” click at 100 yards

Weight 11.3oz

Parallax setting 100 yds

Battery CR16203 V Lithium

Field of view at 100 yds – 28 feet

Scope has dual (red or green) illumination allowing you to view reticle even under low light conditions. You chose the color.

You can mount the scope to the A1 or A2 carrying handle with the built in mount lock mechanism – or can mount it to a flat top Picatinny rail upper or A4 upper with the included (free) adapter.

Flip open lens cover will protect your optics without slowing you down

Best of all this scope has a mil dot aiming system with a built in bullet drop compensator for 5.56 ammo

Scope has an integral see through mount base for when you have to fall back on your iron sights

Designed with the tightest tolerance and finest multi-coated clear optics that delivers reliable and consistent performance

Instruction manual included

AR299     AR15/M16 Mil Dot Scope with Carrying Handle - We also offer this wonderful scope as a combo deal with our flat top receiver carrying handle assy (includes complete A2 sight assy) (Sarco # AR180)   Note: Picture shows scope with flat top upper AR299


AR274     M4/AR15/M16 Weapons Family Flat Top Tactical & Match Detachable Rear Sight for A4 Picatinny Rail -  Read the features on this sight

        Just new on the market to fill a need

        A modular item for your flat top A4 pattern gun

        Ideal for a back up on a reflex sight system

        Self zeroing w/lockdown system

        Dual flip aperture (.062” and .195”)

        Sight position adjustable for your preferred eye relief

        Standard M16A2 windage & elevation adjustment

        All the advantages of the  A2 sight

        min clicks


AR308  Original M4 G.I. double heat shield handguards exc to new cond. Small quantity.

AR309  Original G.I. M4 Carbine carrying handle assembly with rear sight assembly 


AR15/M16 Complete & Stripped M4 contoured Barrel Assemblies - These are current production barrels made by a top line AR15 manufacturer. These are not the early with the triangular cap. Nor will triangular handguards fit. Stripped -
Your choice of 16" or 20" barrel -
Barrel only with sight base and barrel nut.
AR283   M16 - 20" 1 in 9" twist
AR284   CAR15 - 16" 1 in 9" twist - View Photo

Complete barrel assembly with handguards, gas tube, weld spring, handguard ring, front sight and flash hider. These are not the early with the triangular cap. Nor will triangular handguards fit.
AR285   M16 - 20" barrel 1 in 9" twist  View Photo
AR286   CAR15 -16" barrel 1 in 9" twist
Note: Both the 20" barrel set & the 16" set comes with round handguards

AR250    TOP OF THE LINE U.S. MADE M4 CARBINE STOCK - U.S. made M4 stock. This is the new generation for the AR! Six position, adjusts easily. Made out of Military grade composite. Length range: 8.25" - 10.50" Includes: stock, spanner wrench, tube, buffer and spring. U.S. Sec 922r compliant.

AR316  M4 stock set with handguards & pistol grip


AR098 AR15 Altered Safety
AR100 AR15 Disconnector
AR175 AR15 Duel Front Sight Tool
AR092 AR15 Hammer (Semi-Auto)
AR001 AR15 Lower Receiver Parts Kit (Semi-Auto) - minus receiver & grips
AR224 AR15 Parts Kit, flat top upper w/o carrying handle & sight - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details

AR15 Parts Kit - Flat Top Complete w/detachable carry handle & rear sight - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details

AR199 AR15 Magazine Dust Covers
AR192 AR15 Muzzle Cap, plastic
AR186 AR15 Shorty Carbine Butt Pad  
AR183 AR15 Shorty Carbine Cheek Piece
STC005 AR15 Stripper Clip Guide
AR102 AR15 Trigger Semi Auto
AR082 AR15/M16 Action Spring
AR120 AR15/M16 Action Spring (Shorty style)
AR136 AR15/M16 Bandoleer Sets 5.56
AR013 AR15/M16 Barrel, G.I. Very Good M16
AR135 AR15/M16 Barrel Extension (Breech collar)
AR032 AR15/M16 Barrel Nut
AR162 AR15/M16 Bipod Pouch New G.I. (nylon)
AR161 AR15/M16 Bipod Pouch Original
AR138 AR15/M16 Bipod w/ new canvas G.I. zipper pouch w/accessory pouch on side
AR297 AR15/M16 Bipod w/ new rubberized canvas pouch
AR137 AR15/M16 Bipod w/ O.D. Green Nylon pouch
AR139 AR15/M16 Bipod w/o Pouch
SLNG001 AR15/M16 Black Silent Sling
AR218 AR15/M16 Blank Firing Adapters, new production for semi auto fire only
AR062 AR15/M16 Bolt (Complete)
AR061 AR15/M16 Bolt (Stripped)
AR060 AR15/M16 Bolt Cam Pin
AR069 AR15/M16 Bolt Carrier
AR198 AR15/M16 Bolt Carrier, Complete
AR071 AR15/M16 Bolt Carrier Key
AR070 AR15/M16 Bolt Carrier Key Screw
AR106 AR15/M16 Bolt Catch
AR105 AR15/M16 Bolt Catch Pin
AR107 AR15/M16 Bolt Catch Plunger
AR108 AR15/M16 Bolt Catch Spring
AR057 AR15/M16 Bolt Gas Rings
AR149 AR15/M16 Bore Brush
AR159 AR15/M16 Bore Erosion Gauge G.I.
BRUSH-003 Bronze Bore Brush .223 cal
AR080 AR15/M16 Buffer
AR081 AR15/M16 Buffer (Short)
AR087 AR15/M16 Buffer Retainer
AR088 AR15/M16 Buffer Retainer Spring
AR124 AR15/M16 Burst Cam
AR125 AR15/M16 Burst Cam Spring
AR123 AR15/M16 Burst Hammer Spring
AR119 AR15/M16 Butt Swivel A1/A2
AR056 AR15/M16 Butt Swivel Pin
AR118 AR15/M16/M16A2 Butt Swivel Screw A2
AR147 AR15/M16 Buttstock, Shorty (Stripped)
AR306 AR15/M16 Buttstock Hinged Trapdoor Assembly
AR307 AR15/M16 Buttstock Trapdoor Hinged
AR205 AR15/M16 Chamber Brush
AR002 AR15/M16 Charging Handle Assembly
AR240 AR15/M16 Cleaning & Accessory Kit
AR225 AR15/M16 Colt M4 Carbine Original Retracting Stock
AR164 AR15/M16 Combination Wrench (Original G.I.)
AR104 AR15/M16 Disconnector Spring
AR122 AR15/M16 Double Hook Disconnector
AR036 AR15/M16 Ejection Port Cover
AR301 AR15/M16 Ejection Port Cover Assembly (cover, pin, spring & clip)
AR034 AR15/M16 Ejection Port Cover Snap ring
AR035 AR15/M16 Ejection Port Cover Spring
AR172 AR15/M16 Ejection Port Cover Pin
AR067 AR15/M16 Ejector
AR066 AR15/M16 Ejector Pin
AR068 AR15/M16 Ejector Spring
AR064 AR15/M16 Extractor
AR063 AR15/M16 Extractor Pin
AR065 AR15/M16 Extractor Spring
AR059 AR15/M16 Firing Pin
AR058 AR15/M16 Firing Pin Retaining
AR212 AR15/M16 Flash Hider with Holes
AR213 AR15/M16 Flash Hider with Slots
AR011 AR15/M16 Flash Hider Washer
AR180 AR15/M16 Flat Top Receiver Carrying Handle w/M16A2 rear sight assembly
AR047 AR15/M16 Forward Assist Pin
AR048 AR15/M16 Forward Assist Spring
AR077 AR15/M16 Front and Rear Takedown Detent Spring
AR078 AR15/M16 Front and Rear Takedown Detent
AR079 AR15/M16 Front Pivot Pin
AR022 AR15/M16 Front Sight Base Pin
AR020 AR15/M16 Front Sight Detent
AR021 AR15/M16 Front Sight Detent Spring
AR024 AR15/M16 Front Swivel Pin
AR023 AR15/M16 Front Swivel Rivet
AR029 AR15/M16 Gas Tube (Shorty)
AR028 AR15/M16 Gas Tube (Standard)
AR027 AR15/M16 Gas Tube Pin
AR072 AR15/M16 Grip Screw and Washer
AR089 AR15/M16 Hammer Pin
AR093 AR15/M16 Hammer Spring
AR262 AR15/M16 Handguard (Left) New G.I.
AR004 AR15/M16 Handguard (Left) Used 
AR005 AR15/M16 Handguard (Right) Used 
AR026 AR15/M16 Handguard Cap (Round)
AR025 AR15/M16 Handguard Cap (Triangular)
AR003 AR15/M16 Handguard Set (Triangular) Exc to new
AR033 AR15/M16 Handguard Slip Ring (G.I)
AR030 AR15/M16 Handguard Snap Ring
AR031 AR15/M16 Handguard Spring
AR190 AR15/M16 Jungle Clips - holds two 30 rd. mags (mag not included)
AR083 AR15/M16 Lower Receiver Extension
AR084 AR15/M16 Lower Receiver Extension (Shorty style)
AR152 AR15/M16 M203 Handguard (G.I.)
AR153 AR15/M16 M203 Quadrant Sight
AR165 AR15/M16 Mag Carrier w/belt attachment, heavy duty green plastic, Clam shell lid
AR109 AR15/M16 Magazine Catch
AR200 AR15/M16 Magazine Catch Assembly
AR110 AR15/M16 Magazine Catch Button
AR111 AR15/M16 Magazine Catch Spring
AR129 AR15/M16 Magazine New Steel (30 round)
AR167 AR15/M16 Magazine Pouch (New) 3/$18.95
AR166 AR15/M16 Magazine Pouch G.I. (used)
AR128 AR15/M16 Magazine Used G.I. (30 round)
AR010 AR15/M16 Muzzle Brake
AR282 AR15/M16 Muzzle Brake - made by Firepower INC in 70's or 80's. Really effective. .223 cal  fits standard AR barrel thread
AR163 AR15/M16 O.D. Web Case w/ Pouch
AR008 AR15/M16 Original G.I. Birdcage
SLNG002 AR15/M16 Padded Assault Sling
AR133 AR15/M16 Pin Kit 
AR044 AR15/M16 Rear Sight Aperture (Night)
AR039 AR15/M16 Rear Sight Detent
AR040 AR15/M16 Rear Sight Detent Spring
AR038 AR15/M16 Rear Sight Drum
AR037 AR15/M16 Rear Sight Drum Pin
AR046 AR15/M16 Rear Sight Spring
AR041 AR15/M16 Rear Sight Windage Screw
AR115 AR15/M16 Rear Takedown Pin
AR050 AR15/M16 Round Forward Assist
AR130 AR15/M16 Rubberized Swivel, front new
AR076 AR15/M16 Safety Detent
AR075 AR15/M16 Safety Detent Spring
AR171 AR15/M16 Scope Mount Rings
AR156 AR15/M16 Scope Mount with Ring
AR095 AR15/M16 Sear Assembly
AR094 AR15/M16 Sear Pin
AR116 AR15/M16 Sear Spring
AR145 AR15/M16 Shorty Buttstock Assembly, high strength fiberglass w/steel locking ring 
AR132 AR15/M16 Side Sling Adaptor
AR134 AR15/M16 Spring Kit
AR314 AR15/M16 Spring & Pin Kit
AR160 AR15/M16 Three Round Burst Kit
AR090 AR15/M16 Trigger Pin
AR103 AR15/M16 Trigger Spring
AR176 AR15/M16 Triggerguard Aluminum
AR114 AR15/M16 Triggerguard (G.I. Metal)
AR112 AR15/M16 Triggerguard Pin
AR006 AR15/M16A1 Birdcage Flash Hider
AR085 AR15/M16A1 Buttcap Screw (Short)
AR146 AR15/M16A1 Buttstock G.I. w/o trap
AR142 AR15/M16A1 Buttstock G.I. w/trap - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
AR220 AR15/M16A1 Butt Swivel Screw
AR018 AR15/M16A1 Front Sight Post
AR073 AR15/M16A1 Pistol Grip (Used)
AR228 AR15/M16A1 Rear Sight Complete
AR275 AR15/M16A1 Right Handguard, original G.I. packaging - rare find! 10/$49.95, 50/$199.95, 100 /$299.95
AR157 AR15/M16A1 Sight Tool (5 Prong)
AR051 AR15/M16A1 Upper Receiver - has brass deflector
AR258 AR15/M16A1 Upper Receiver complete - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
AR263 Add On Semi Auto Kit Special for purchase of receivers above (AR051 & AR258) Semi Auto
AR264 Add On Full Auto Kit Special for purchase of receivers above (AR051 & AR258) Full Auto
AR086 AR15/M16A2 Buttcap Screw
AR143 AR15/M16A2 Buttstock (Current production)
AR007 AR15/M16A2 Flash Hider
AR019 AR15/M16A2 Front Sight Post (Colt original)
AR184 AR15/M16A2 Handguard w/Liner A2 Round Standard Length - new
AR185 AR15/M16A2 Handguard Shorty Carbine w/Liner Round - new
AR144 AR15/M16A2 New Buttstock (Current production) plus lower receiver extension, buffer, & spring
AR074 AR15/M16A2 Pistol Grip (New)
AR045 AR15/M16A2 Rear Sight Aperture
AR131 AR15/M16A2 Rear Sight Assembly
AR158 AR15/M16A2 Sight Tool (4 Prong)
AR052 AR15/M16A2 Upper Receiver (New)
AR238 M16 Accessory Kit - Heavy Duty - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
AR218 M16 Blank Firing Adapters G.I.
AR140 M16 Buttstock w/o trapdoor refurbished, Original G.I.
AR141 M16 Buttstock, plus lower receiver extension, buffer, and spring, Original G.I.
AR188 M16 Cleaning "Toothbrush" G.I. -  for M16 and any other gun
AR236 M16 Cleaning Kit Pouch
AR099 M16 Disconnector
AR091 M16 Hammer
AR233 M16 Hammer, Colt Original Early
AR178 M16 Flash Hider early 3 prong type
AR203 M16 Mulitple Magazine Holder   
AR096 M16 Safety/Selector
AR097 M16 Safety (Colt Original, used)
SLNG051 M16 Sling, Early Model new orig. Colt 
AR237 M16 Stock Assembly
AR217 M16 Tension Band for retention of grenade on muzzle of rifle 
AR101 M16 Trigger
AR302 M16 Top Sling Adapter 
AR241 M16A1 Stock G.I. w/trap refurbished
AR311 M16A1 Stock complete set w/pistol grip & round handguards
AR312 M16A1 Stock complete set with stock assy & PG & round forend & buffer tube & screw & buffer & recoil spring
AR273 M16A1 Upper, original G.I. cracked condition. Stripped
AR261 M16A2 Bandoleer Set Late Issue G.I.
AR254 M16A2 Burst Hammer
AR214 M16A2 Burst Trigger
AR315 M16A2 Stock set w/handguards & pistol grip (for 20” barrel)
AR211 M16A2 Upper Receiver


AR196 AR15 Flat Top A4 Upper
AR202 AR15 Stripped Flat Top Upper
AR278 Or add an upper parts set
AR204 Stripped Flat Top Upper - - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
AR269 Kit # 4: All parts for AR15 
AR270 A2 upper with rear sight assembly- See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details

Special – Flat top AR Upper with Tactical Match Sight  View Photo

              A. AR291   - stripped upper and rear sight only

B. AR292  - above A complete with ejection port cover assembly and bolt assist assembly

C. AR293  - above B complete with complete bolt carrier and bolt assembly and cocking handle assembly

            Note: above assemblies supplied in kit form 


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