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Sarco, Inc. Easton Pennsylvania

M14 Rifle Parts

Latest US GI M14 Para Scope Mount

  • Latest U.S. G.I. design

  • ” shorter than original mount

  • oz lighter than original mount

  • New unit locks on with G.I. M14 combo tool

  • Free $8 M14 combo tool included

  • 2 built in adjustments to lock in the zero

  • Mount locked onto gun with positive locking cam

Only a very few available.  M14140 View Photo

M14 Receiver half & BIG paperweights - We found a small lot of cut U.S. G.I. M14 receivers in the "yesterdays' pile, these are nice and clean and make a great "paperweight" for your desk M14133

M1 Carbine & M1 Garand Receiver Fronts - with good intact ring and locking lug recesses - mix or match -

M1 Carbine CRB028

M1 Garand GRD143 The Garand is perfect to mate with a gun parts rear.

Special Set of All 3 (M14, M1 Carbine & M1 Garand). MISC167


U.S. G.I. “Spotty” M14 Bolts

Excellent condition except: These came out of parade rifles & have a spot weld to close the firing pin hole. Just in the door.

  • Type 1 – firing pin hole spot weld M14146

  • Type 2 – we also have some that also have a weld in the rear M14147

Sold as is – no returns, no warranty. Call Dave with any questions. Bolts are complete with roller & retainer.


M14098 M14 Bandoleer
M14061 M14 Bolt Stripped GI
M14090 M14 Bolt Catch Pin
M14092 M14 Bolt Catch Spring
M14060 M14 Bolt Roller
M14091 M14 Bolt Stop
M14019 M14 Bore Brush
M14047 M14 Buttplate Assembly (Hinged)
M14045 M14 Buttplate Screw (Lower)
M14044 M14 Buttplate Screw (Upper)
M14046 M14 Buttstock Swivel
M14096 M14 Cartridge Clip Guide
M14095 M14 Cartridge Clip Guide Pin
M14016 M14 Chamber Brush 7.62 NATO new  2/$8.95
M14138 M14 Chinese Butt Swivel screw
M14118 M14 Chinese Buttstock VG-Excellent
M14129 M14 Chinese Bolt Stripped
M14108 M14 Chinese Gas Cylinder
CLN070 M14 Cleaning Kit   - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
M14093 M14 Connector Lock Pin
M14056 M14 Ejector with Spring
M14063 M14 Elevation Pinion Assembly
M14055 M14 Extractor
M14057 M14 Extractor Plunger and Spring
M14079 M14 Flashider New Mfg.
M14078 M14 Flashider Lock Nut
M14077 M14 Flashider Nut Lock Screw
M14080 M14 Flashider U.S., G.I. / Lug ground off for post-ban guns
M14113 M14E2 Front Grip Mounting Kit (stock lining set)
M14082 M14 Front Sight
M14081 M14 Front Sight Screw
M14117 M14 Front Stock Swivel Set, New G.I. Original
M14114 M14 Front Swivel Screw
M14048 M14 Front Swivel w/plate (front of stock)
M14049 M14 Full Auto Connector 3/$36.50
M14014 M14 Full Auto Parts Set
M14131 M14 Gas Cylinder New G.I. in original package
M14137 M14 Gas Cylinder, National Match, Used
M14083 M14 Gas Cylinder Lock
M14075 M14 Gas Cylinder Plug
M14076 M14 Gas Piston
M14031 M14 Hammer
M14030 M14 Hammer Pin
M14028 M14 Hammer Spring
M14027 M14 Hammer Spring Housing
M14029 M14 Hammer Spring Plunger
M14006 M14 Handguard Clip
M14005 M14 Handguard, Fiberglass w/clip
M14036 M14 Mag Catch Pin
M14038 M14 Mag Catch Spring
M14020 M14 Mag Pouch
M14023 M14 Mag Rehab & Survival Kit
M14042 M14 Magazine Floorplate (U.S.)
M14041 M14 Magazine Follower (U.S.)
M14062 M14 Muzzle Stablilizer
M14100 M14 National Match Rear Sights - your choice of .520 or.595 NM aperture
OIL026 M14 Oiler (Butt Trap)
M14088 M14 Operating Guide Pin
M14053 M14 Operating Rod (not welded)
M14089 M14 Operating Rod Guide
M14135 M14 Operating Rod Spring Guide, new G.l. Original 
M14100 M14 Rear Sight National Match
GRD089 M14 Rear Sight Aperture National Match
M14067 M14 Rear Sight Base
GRD139 Receiver Wrench
M14052 M14 Recoil Spring
M14116 M14 Rubber Plug for M14E2 Buttplate
M14032 M14 Saftey
M14033 M14 Saftey Spring
M14111 M14 Scope Mount Hi w/U.S. Marked, All Steel
M14026 M14 Sear
M14074 M14 Sear Release
M14069 M14 Selector Lock
M14072 M14 Selector Pin
M14073 M14 Selector Shaft
M14071 M14 Selector Spring
M14065 M14 Sight Aperture
M14066 M14 Sight Cover
M14085 M14 Spindle Valve
M14068 M14 Spindle Valve Pin
M14086 M14 Spindle Valve Spring
M14001 M14 Stock, National Match 8" New Birch
M14142 M14 Stock, NM Walnut Original G.I. - few only
M14115 M14 Stock Match Grade G.I. New Walnut
M14002 M14 Stock Match Grade II
M14103 M14 Stock National Match Grade I, New G.I.
M14003 M14 Stock New Match Grade II
M14001 M14 Stock New Walnut Match Grade
M14017 M14 Stock Liner
M14018 M14 Stock Liner Screw
M14102 M14 Stock Liner Tool, Type T
M14025 M14 Trigger and Sear Assembly
M14034 M14 Trigger Guard
M14024 M14 Trigger Pin
M14087 M14 Upper Band
M14064 M14 Windage Knob
M14012 M14/M1A Deluxe Sniper Scope Mount 3/$96.50
M14010 M14/M1A Deluxe Scope Mount w/set of rings 3/$114.50
SCP007 M14/M1A Set of Rings 
M14022 M14/M1A Sight Protectors 3/$7.50
M14008 Military M2 Bipod for M14 Rifle
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