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Sarco, Inc. Easton Pennsylvania


L1A1024 L1A1, 600 Meter Aperture Spring, Used
L1A1032 L1A1, Bolts, Used
L1A1015 L1A1, Buttplate, Trapdoor, Used
L1A1013 L1A1, Butt swivel Assembly, Used
L1A1017 L1A1, Carrying Handle, Used
L1A1012 L1A1, Cocking Handle, Used
L1A1036 L1A1, Composite Pistol Grips, new original G.I., stripped
L1A1016 L1A1, Ejector Block, Used
L1A1002 L1A1, Extractor Claw
L1A1027 L1A1, Extractor Claw, Used
L1A1031 L1A1, Extractor Plunger Spring, Used
L1A1028 L1A1, Extractor Plunger, Used
L1A1029 L1A1, Firing Pin Spring, Used
L1A1004 L1A1, Flashider Washer
L1A1026 L1A1, Flashider, Used
L1A1005 L1A1, Gas Piston, Used
L1A1010 L1A1, Gas Regulator, Used
L1A1001 L1A1, L2A1 Bipod Assembly, Used
L1A1022 L1A1, Locking Shoulder, Used
L1A1009 L1A1, Mag Follower
L1A1018 L1A1, Magazine Pouch
L1A1030 L1A1, New Metric FAL Proper Birch Wood, Very good to excellent. Match for Israeli Wood
L1A1014 L1A1, Pistol Grip Screw, Used
L1A1011 L1A1, Pivot Pin Assembly, Used
L1A1020 L1A1, Plastic Buttplate, Used
L1A1021 L1A1, Plastic Pistol Grips, Used
L1A1019 L1A1, Return Spring Plunger, Use
L1A1008 L1A1, Safety Sear Spring
L1A1025 L1A1, Safety Sear, New
L1A1023 L1A1, Selector Switch, Used
L1A1006 L1A1, Slide Rod, Used
L1A1007 L1A1, Trigger, New
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