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Also fits other metric models.  All parts new unless specified.
Parts marked Heavy Barrel are unique to the heavy barrel gun.  Those
marked Standard are unique to the Standard gun.  All others are interchangeable.

We also have some Non-Israeli Metric FAL Parts - Click Here!


Original FAL PARA Rear Sights - Early FN license manufacture. Brand new - never before available. While the few last. FAL194

1st Model 12" FAL Original Sniper Scope Can...  FAL256  Click Here!


Brand New Original Metric FAL Kits

Believe it or not, we have had these in our warehouse for 5 years now. We received all but a few of the parts for the kits at that time as the few parts got stuck in a customs glitch in Argentina. We have now obtained the needed parts and are delighted to offer these kits to our valued customers.

These kits are from original semi-auto FALs that were made for export & then dissembled when the Argentine government would not allow their export (as we are told) as guns.

These guns were made at DGDM (Direccion General Defabricaciones Militarias in Rosario), the Argentine Government Arsenal under license from FN (Fabrique National) in Belgium so these are genuine metric FAL – not clones. Suggest you take advantage now as these have never been on the market before and will sell fast.

Items not included in kit: Receiver with ejector block assembly & locking shoulder (these are normally in the semi auto receiver), flash hider (gun had no flash hider), magazine. FAL245


We have a small quantity of metric FAL kits to offer in several flavors

FAL - Heavy Barrel Enhancement & Survival Kit - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details   FAL181

Israeli FAL Survival Kit - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details FAL154

FAL Mag Support Kit - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details  FAL205

Original Metric FAL Parts - Excellent condition

FAL219 Bipod, new orig. military FN pattern
FAL186 Bolt, complete (A)
FAL187 Bolt, stripped
FAL173 Bolt carrier, stripped
FAL212 Bolt carrier assembly & bolt assembly, excellent, new reparked

Bolt Repair Kit - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details

FAL237 Gas Tube, new original
FAL190 Set of A, C, & E (all 3) - bolt kit used
FAL158 Complete bolt hold open assy
FAL222 Metric cocking handle reparkerized w/a new wood handle
FAL210 Metric lower FAL receivers, complete w/tube. Original, used, excellent. May want to refinish to match your gun Fabrique National. 3/$124.95


RM021 FN49 Argentine 20rd, original, grade pre-ban for the Argentine 7.62 NATO FN49 semi auto
FAL183 Magazine 7.62mm, used condition
FAL160 Magazine pouch, new
FAL161 Magazine pouch, used
FAL167 Magazine Loader (stripper clip guide)
BSE014 Broken shell extractor
FAL171 Chamber cleaning tool
FAL127 Buttstock removal tool
SLNG040 Original new first Model leather sling
FAL156 Original Israeli Front Sight Adjusting Tool, new

Note: All our Israeli furniture is new original IMI - other offer used or new scuffed.




FAL007 FAL Bipod Assembly (Heavy Barrel)
FAL005 FAL Bipod Coupler Latch (Heavy Barrel)
FAL006 FAL Bipod Coupler Latch Pin (Heavy Barrel)
FAL008 FAL Bipod Used Excellent
FAL030 FAL Carry Handle (Heavy Barrel)
FAL031 FAL Carry Handle (Standard)
FAL155 FAL Carry Handle Wood Israeli HB
FAL002 FAL Flashider (Heavy Barrel)
FAL003 FAL Flashider Washer (Heavy Barrel)
FAL009 FAL Front Sight Post
FAL010 FAL Front Sight Post Spring
FAL004 FAL Front Sling Collar Band (Standard)
FAL024 FAL Front Sling Swivel
FAL022 FAL Front Sling Swivel Barrel Collar (Heavy Barrel)
FAL023 FAL Front Sling Swivel Barrel Collar (Standard)
FAL026 FAL Front Sling Swivel Collar Screw
FAL148 FAL Gas Piston Spring
FAL012 FAL Gas Plug
FAL011 FAL Gas Plug Plunger Washer and Spring Set
FAL013 FAL Gas Regulator (Heavy Barrel)
FAL014 FAL Gas Regulator (Standard)
FAL015 FAL Gas Regulator Spring
FAL220 FAL Gas Tube, new original metric
FAL020 FAL Gas Tube Pin
FAL021 FAL Gas Tube Support Nut 
FAL025 FAL Handguard Grill Wood Screw
FAL017 FAL Handguard Retaining Ring Rear (Heavy Barrel)
FAL016 FAL Handguard Retaining Ring Rear (Standard)
FAL028 FAL Handguard Screw
FAL027 FAL Handguard Set (Heavy Barrel)
FAL147 FAL Handguard Set above FAL027 (HB) & Buttstock below FAL066 (HB)
FAL029 FAL Handguard Set (Standard)
FAL019 FAL Handguard Spacer (Standard)
FAL032 FAL Handguard Steel Liner Set (Heavy Barrel)
FAL001 FAL Open Ear Gas Block (STD)
FAL070 FAL Buttplate Assembly Complete (Heavy Barrel)
FAL066 FAL Buttstock (Heavy Barrel)
FAL067 FAL Buttstock Buttplate Spring Bushing (Heavy Barrel)
FAL068 FAL Buttstock (Standard)
FAL071 FAL Buttstock Buttplate Flat Head Screw
FAL069 FAL Buttstock Buttplate Screw (Standard)
FAL072 FAL Buttstock Buttplate Screw Long (Heavy Barrel)
FAL073 FAL Buttstock Front Ferrule (Standard)
FAL051 FAL Hammer New
FAL055 FAL Hammer Pin
FAL054 FAL Hammer Spring
FAL056 FAL Hammer Spring Cover Plunger
FAL053 FAL Hammer Spring Rod
FAL052 FAL Hammer Used
FAL035 FAL Hinge (Pivot) Pin w/Nut
FAL036 FAL Hinge Pin Washer
FAL058 FAL Locking Latch
FAL057 FAL Locking Latch Lever
FAL061 FAL Locking Latch Pin
FAL062 FAL Locking Latch Screw
FAL059 FAL Locking Latch Spring
FAL060 FAL Locking Latch Spring Plunger, Used
FAL034 FAL Lower Receiver w/Return Spring Tube (light pitting)
FAL039 FAL Pistol Grip New (Israeli, Original)
FAL041 FAL Pistol Grip Stem (Refinished)
FAL040 FAL Pistol Grip Stem Nut
FAL078 FAL Rear Sight Aperture (Standard)
FAL077 FAL Rear Sight Aperture 700 Meters
FAL076 FAL Rear Sight Base 600 Meters (Standard)
FAL075 FAL Rear Sight Base 700 Meters (Heavy Barrel)
FAL080 FAL Rear Sight Base Pin
FAL079 FAL Rear Sight Push Button
FAL074 FAL Rear Sling Swivel Assembly
FAL063 FAL Return Spring Plunger
FAL037 FAL Return Spring Tube
FAL065 FAL Return Spring Tube Screw
FAL064 FAL Return Spring Tube Screw Washer
FAL045 FAL Sear (metric types)
FAL047 FAL Sear Plunger
FAL046 FAL Sear Plunger Spring
FAL049 FAL Selector Switch (Full-Auto)
FAL050 FAL Selector Switch Clip
FAL042 FAL Trigger
FAL044 FAL Trigger Plunger
FAL043 FAL Trigger Plunger Spring
FAL048 FAL Trigger/Sear Pin
FAL038 FAL Triggerguard
FAL083 FAL Bolt Carrier Slide
FAL088 FAL Bolt Carrier Slide Dust Cover
FAL085 FAL Bolt Carrier Slide Rod Spring
FAL084 FAL Bolt Carrier Slide Rod
FAL090 FAL Bolt Firing Pin New
FAL093 FAL Bolt Firing Pin Retaining Pin
FAL092 FAL Bolt Firing Pin Spring
FAL091 FAL Bolt Firing Pin Used
FAL089 FAL Bolt, Like New (Stripped)
FAL157 FAL Bolt Hold Open Assy
FAL158 FAL Bolt Hold Open Assy Used
FAL101 FAL Cocking Handle Assembly Like New (Standard Barrel)
FAL100 FAL Cocking Handle Assembly w/Locking Lug (Heavy Barrel)
FAL107 FAL Cocking Handle Knob (Standard)
FAL177 FAL Cocking Handle Knob, Wood - for Israeli & other HB guns
FAL178 FAL Cocking Handle Knob, Wood - for Israeli & other model standard guns
FAL179 FAL Cocking Handle Knob, Wood - for orig. Belgium pattern standard guns
FAL106 FAL Cocking Handle Knob Plunger
FAL108 FAL Cocking Handle Knob Plunger (Standard)
FAL105 FAL Cocking Handle Plunger (Front)
FAL103 FAL Cocking Handle Plunger Backplate
FAL104 FAL Cocking Handle Plunger Backplate Pin (Front)
FAL109 FAL Cocking Handle Plunger Spring
FAL102 FAL Cocking Handle Plunger Spring (Front)
FAL098 FAL Extractor (1 Piece)
FAL095 FAL Extractor Claw (From 2 Piece Extractor)
FAL097 FAL Extractor Plunger (2 piece Extractor)
FAL096 FAL Extractor Spring (2 Piece Extractor)
FAL099 FAL Extractor Spring One Piece
FAL094 FAL Firing Pin Head (From 2 Piece Firing Pin)
FAL110 FAL Locking Shoulder (Asst'd Sizes)
FAL081 FAL Magazine Release Lever
FAL082 FAL Magazine Release Lever Spring
FAL087 FAL Slide Rod Rivit Pin
FAL086 FAL Slide Rod Spring Plunger
FAL112 FAL Ejector
FAL111 FAL Ejector Block
FAL115 FAL Ejector Block Pins
FAL113 FAL/L1A1 Safety Sear
FAL114 FAL Safety Sear Spring
FAL143 FAL Bipod, Original, Without Key
FAL117 FAL Hammer Used (From STG 58)
FAL119 FAL Locking Plate Pin (STG 58)
FAL118 FAL Sear Used (From STG 58)
FAL116 FAL Trigger Used (From STG 58)


All original metric!  All new!

  • Paratrooper bolt carrier
  • Rear sight assembly
  • Rear top cover with Stanag scope mount
  • Night vision adapter for scope mount, new

FAL241 View Photo


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