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E-mail: with machine gun questions! Check out Dave's stuff and watch for new additions!
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NOTICE: We do not sell conversion or rework kits or parts.
Our parts are sold as replacement parts or for dummy guns. ALL NFA Rules Apply.






1. Case for 60mm M4 mortar sight, metal, used... $45.00

2. Swiss Bergman Neuhausen firing pin... $45.00

3. Steyer Solothurn SMG barrel original minor roughness that will shout out… $150.00

4. 20mm Oerlicon barrel, exc. bore... $2500.00

5. Hotchkiss 1914 operating rod assy w/piston – exc... $250.00

6. M203 40mm firing pin G.I. ... $20.00

7. Vickers 8mm broken shell extractor – will work on other guns... $25.00

8. Maxim drum adapter for Turk pattern Vickers ... $125.00

9. Rare M1 anti-aircraft mount for .50 cal MG used on M3 tripod WWII vintage, 1 only... $895.00

10. Super rare orig G.I. m6 WWII periscope for armored vehicle. New in the box... $75.00 MISC230

11. M203 (40mm) firing pin protrusion gage... $9.95

14. Madsen Saeter bolt assy... $197.50

15. ZK383 Complete bolt... $149.50

16. M60 tank jump Seats - These are the spring loaded seats that lift you up when you activate them - complete, in good condition... $85.00

17. Carl Gustav 84mm rocket launcher bipod – original... $125.00 MNT091

18. Gas piston & op rod assy for DP LMG... $175.00

19. M39 20mm barrel, 1 only MMP001... $1500.00

20. Couple only - M9 vehicle periscopes... $75.00

21. Oerlikon 20mm L.H. drum loading handle .....$200.00

22. Belt starter tab for 7.5 French AA52 M6, new orig... $19.95, 10 for $150.00

23. Ammo can platform for M36 MG ring mount - attaches to legs...$75.00

24. Original new M6 vehicle periscopes from WWII... $65.00

25. Original Gatling Gun .45 - 70 barrel, exc. cond... $1995.00

26. .50 Cal M2HB Ramo side plate, never used... $19,995.00

28. RPG rocket transport case, new orig... $19.95

29. Madsen Model 50 LMG lovers - Just found in the mine. New original 7x57mm finned barrels... $149.50

31. Demil U.S. T-48 75mm AA gun... $1450.00

34. U.S. M6 periscope for many WWII vehicles... $65.00

36. Rare U.S. G.I. M71 elbow telescope with removable rubber eyeshield, Israeli dataplate... $99.50

37. Orig. ring for U.S. G.I. ring mounts. This is the M49 C full flange mount... $500.00

39. New original flash hider Madsen Model 50 LMG... $75.00

40. New G.I. M73 MG .308 barrel... $195.00

41. New G.I. ordnance tool for M79 grenade launcher has brush & tools... $8.95

42. Original MP38 Beretta SMG stocks - exc. cond. Complete with buttplates, swivel and mag plate ... $74.95 MP38001

43. Orig Gurinov barrel... $395.00

44. New G.I. complete 60mm mortar leg assembly #A043-723-0150...$165.00

45. M6A1 carrying case for M1 aiming circle - orig G.I .exc – new condition w/inserts, pockets, etc... $200.00

46. Dummy receiver for Lanchester or PM28 SMG’s ... $65.00 MMP025

47. Original CzechCZ25/26 mag pouch, exc... $12.50  MISC125

48. Rare 40mm bofors 4 round cartridge clips, new G.I.…$19.95 MISC152

49. Anti-aircraft extension for Turkish Vickers Tripod... $100.00 MNT007

50. Wild 120mm mortar round baseplate –liberated in Israel...$249.50 MNT008

51. Rare E-11 .50 BMG adapter... call Dave

52. Twin E-11 .50 BMG adapter made by Bell Aircraft... call Dave

53. Original Oerlicon 20mm drum... $225.00

54. Muzzle break for British 6 PDR anti tank gun - I’m told this will also work for U.S. 57mm AT gun... $300.00

Gatling Gun Barrel, .45-70 ... P.O.R. Call Dave ext. 130 View Photo


Top plate – side plate – gun mount – backplate – even a solenoid for the M240 in an M60 tank (got lots) 12 volt & also 24 volt – we got ‘em! How about a solenoid gun charger for an M3 gun in a gun pod!!!
Call or email Dave


We have Dardic Tround Cases in .50 MG cal & 20mm! Believe it or not, Dardik made experimental MG's in .50 &20mm. These are original once fired cases. Probably only ones existing in the world. I saw a 20mm offered at $700.00. Have a few only - View Photo
  • .50 BMG Cal... $50.00 AM133
  • 20mm... $100.00 AM134


Browning M2 .50 cal Water Cooled Machine Gun - For The Ultimate Collector... Have one BROWNING M2 .50 cal. WATER COOLED MACHINE GUN Compete with MK14 Naval AA Mount and some "expensive"accessories... $46,500.00 Call, fax or email Dave or Cholly if interested... View Photo


Mystery Item Page - Once in awhile, we get something in that even Dave can't identify. We needed a way to solve these puzzling mysteries - thus, the Mystery Item page was born. Here we can show all our customers these baffling treasures in the hopes that somebody out there can recognize what these things are. So far it seems to be working! Thank you to all our customers that have played the Mystery Item game! Go ahead! Take a guess and email Dave!

Mystery Item # 4 - NOT SOLVED View Photo

Mystery Item # 5 - SOLVED  View Photo

Mystery Item # 6 - VAN FINALLY SOLVED THIS ONE!  View Photo

Mystery Item # 7 - NOT SOLVED  View Photo

Mystery Items!  # 8, # 9 & # 10 - NOT SOLVED View Photos

Mystery Item # 11! SOLVED Lantaka Pirate Swivel Cannon! With it's portable dimensions and ability to be aimed quickly and accurately, the Lantaka was used in a wide range of situations ranging from land bases warfare to naval encounters. As many Lantaka were embellished with ornate design, they came to be highly prized for use in ceremonial firing and salutes, even used as a from of currency. The one we have could be Malaysian, Dutch, or Portuguese - 44 inches with a 5-inch crocodile, closed swivel ends older. 40 lbs. Approximate 1 1/16 bore... $2495.00 View Photo

Mystery Item # 12 - SOLVED!  View Photo  It's an ANTI AIRCRAFT SITE FOR A JAPANESE 92 HEAVY MACHINE GUN 7.7 CAL Finally! Thanks Dave B.!

Mystery Item # 13 - SOLVED!  BRAND NEW AS OF APRIL 2009! View Photo Its not for the M16 - Notice no gas rings. Boy, that was fast! Congrats to Adam!  He guessed it as the bolt to a early Daewoo! 


Machine Gun Mounts View List

Machine Gun Barrels View List 

Machine Gun Magazines View List


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Machine Gun Dummy Guns

INCREDIBLE SHOI REPLICA WWII GERMAN GUN! German FG42 1st Model Replica Non-Firing Gun View Info

Miniature Display Machine Guns View Photo


Uzi Israeli Dummy Guns - Original IMI parts except receiver - we were sold out but found 15 more under a bench. This is the last, no more will be made...  UZI113

Your choice of wood View Photo or folding stock View Photo

Also available for your kit - dummy receiver only UZI114

Not for sale to MN, MA, CT, PR, CA, KS, WI, NY, & Canada

MG42 (Yugo M53 parts kits) - Found a few more in the warehouse! A Magic Gun from WWII View Info


Oldsmobile M9 37mm Cannon - receiver demilled, rest of gun is intact. Probably one of a kind. For use on M15 half track or Bell Aero Cobra Fighter. Also mounted as deck guns on PT boats... $5000.00

The Lark - Own an "Antique" Missile! View Photo

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Machine Gun Parts Sets

Israeli UZI Complete Spare Parts Sets - UZI Kits are almost sold out. We may get no more due to increase in cost from the source. If you're buying a cheaper UZI parts kit from a competitor, make sure you're getting the barrel trunion and the other receiver parts.

Less the receiver - These are Israeli surplus I.M.I. made Uzi parts Uzi kits are almost gone.   

A - Barrel mount (trunion barrel support)
B - Front sight bracket (base)
C - Bayonet lug
D - Trigger housing mount (rear grip mount)
E - Rear sight base and stock mount (backplate)
F - Ejector
Note: Receiver section with feed ramp and hand guard mount not included or available.  These are part of the original receiver stamping.
We note that Uzi spare parts sets are again being sold without trunions & other receiver subcomponents.  We still have the subcomponents available. SUB COMPONENTS KIT... UZI110 Click To Order Item Online!

This is a whole new game in Uzi parts. You get to pick the quality grade of parts you want and at the best prices, too!

A. UTILITY GRADE PARTS SET - Good condition - like some dealers sell as a generic kit - has wood stock, plastic grips and shooter's barrel...UZI106 SOLD OUT

B. SELECT GRADE PARTS SET - As we have sold before - better wood and plastic than the utility kit - good to very good overall... UZI107  - NOTE: UZI PARTS KITS MAY BE OF MIXED ORIGINS. THE ONE PICTURED MAY NOT NECESSARILY BE THE SAME ORIGIN YOU RECEIVE. View Photo SALE!

C. SUPER SELECT GRADE PARTS SET - All parts the best of the best - each selected to be almost new.  Original IMI Israeli Army finish...UZI108 SALE!


UZI ACCESSORIES - You better grab a few of these when you are ordering your parts set!  The prices listed here are especially reduced for buyers of our UZI parts set only!

1.  Magazine pouch...UZI101
2.  Sight adjusting tool...
3.  Manual...
4. Cleaning rod - original, new...
Package Deal - One of each of these 4 items UZI112

UZI ACCESSORY KIT - Click To Order Item Online! UZI103 Kit includes the following items:


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U.S. Model 1919A4 Machine Gun Parts Sets

  1. 7.62 NATO (.308) Kit ...A4046 Click To Order Item Online!

  2. .30-06 Kit reworked from a 7.62mm kit (small quantity available)...A4047  Click To Order Item Online!

  3. Combination .30-06 and 7.62mm Kit, you can switch the parts back and forth to shoot either caliber...A4048  Click To Order Item Online!

Set of receiver rivets available


.50 cal MG Parts Sets & Kits
- Click To Order Item Online!  M2HB003

.50 Caliber Browning M.G. "Survival Pack" - Click To Order Item Online! M2HB001


M60 Parts Sets & Kits
M60 SURVIVAL KIT & ACCESSORIES - Click To Order Item Online!  M60009


M2HB Backplate & RSG Refurbish Kit - Click To Order Item Online!  M2HB281


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