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Sarco, Inc. Easton Pennsylvania



B333 Buttplate, Browning, Model A5, 12 gauge
B336 Buttplate, Bullard, Lever Action
B335 Buttplate, Ithaca, "Gun"
B334 Buttplate, Ithaca, Model 37 Pump
B318 Buttplate, L.C. Smith, 16 & 20 gauge
B319 Buttplate, L.C. Smith, Trap
B312 Buttplate, Parker "O", w/o Toe
B311 Buttplate, Parker "O", w/Toe 
B315 Buttplate, Parker 2, w/Toe
B314 Buttplate, Parker I, w/o Toe
B313 Buttplate, Parker I, w/Toe
B340 Buttplate, Remington 512-550
B329 Buttplate, Remington "RA" Small
B332 Buttplate, Savage, "Quality"
B324 Buttplate, Stevens Crack Shot
B326 Buttplate, Stevens Lg. Shotgun (scroll)
B325 Buttplate, Stevens Visible Loader
B309 Buttplate, Winchester Model 1894
B301 Buttplate, Winchester Model 1897, w/toe
B305 Buttplate, Winchester Model 1905
B306 Buttplate, Winchester Model 1906
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GC005 Grip Cap, L.C. Smith, Dog Head (2 screw)
GC007 Grip Cap, L.C. Smith, Dog Head Insert
GC002 Grip Cap, Parker, Large Shotgun, Illion
GC001 Grip Cap, Parker, Small Shotgun
GC008 Grip Cap, Remington, Large Shotgun
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GRP049 New MFG, Astra, 3000
GRP050 New MFG, Astra, 400
GRP068 New MFG, Baby Nambu
GRP066 New MFG, Bayard, Mod. 1908 All Chambers
GRP084 New MFG, Beretta 25 Auto
GRP085 New MFG, Beretta 380 Model 1935
GRP042 New MFG, Beretta, Model 1934 (requires metal plate)
GRP029 New MFG, Browning, " Baby" , 25 caliber
GRP030 New MFG, Browning, .25 caliber Current
GRP024 New MFG, Browning, Model 1900 .32 caliber
GRP023 New MFG, Browning, Model 1900 w/logo
GRP016 New MFG, Colt, .25 caliber Auto. (flat top) over 141,000
GRP015 New MFG, Colt, .25 caliber Auto. (round top)
GRP010 New MFG, Colt, .32 caliber Auto
GRP009 New MFG, Colt, 1903 Auto, .32 & .380 under SN 72000
GRP083 New MFG, Colt, Alaskan
GRP012 New MFG, Colt, Army Special
GRP005 New MFG, Colt, Bisley
GRP006 New MFG, Colt, DA, Army, Mod. ' 94-' 03
GRP007 New MFG, Colt, DA, Navy, Mod. ' 95
GRP003 New MFG, Colt, Mod. 1877, Lightning
GRP008 New MFG, Colt, Mod. 1902 (2 screw)
GRP011 New MFG, Colt, Mod. 1909
GRP004 New MFG, Colt, Mod. 1978, DA Frontier
GRP017 New MFG, Colt, New Pocket
GRP013 New MFG, Colt, New Service
GRP014 New MFG, Colt, Police Positive 
GRP001 New MFG, Colt, SAA, Checkered
GRP002 New MFG, Colt, SAA, Eagle
GRP018 New MFG, Colt, Woodsmen, Challenger, Huntsmen Auto
GRP069 New MFG, Czech P24
GRP061 New MFG, Enfield, Pistol # 2, MK I .38 caliber Commando
GRP025 New MFG, FN, Mod. 1903
GRP026 New MFG, FN, Mod. 1906, .25 caliber auot (early triple safety)
GRP027 New MFG, FN, Mod. 1910, .32 caliber
GRP028 New MFG, FN, Mod. 1922, "rnb" .32 & .380 caliber
GRP031 New MFG, FN, Mod. 1935 Hi-Power, 9mm, Inglis type
GRP070 New MFG, Franz., Stock, .32 Caliber
GRP064 New MFG, French, 1935 "A" .32 caliber
GRP065 New MFG, French, 1935 "S" .32 caliber
GRP067 New MFG, Haenal, .25 caliber auto
GRP038 New MFG, Hi - Standard, "B" & "C"
GRP039 New MFG, Hi - Standard, "HB"
GRP040 New MFG, Hi - Standard, "HD"
GRP035 New MFG, Kolb, Hammerless
GRP063 New MFG, Luger, Black Widow
GRP118 New MFG, Luger, Checkered Wood 
GRP060 New MFG, MAB - Mod. "C", .32 & .380 caliber
GRP081 New MFG, MAB - Mod. "D" (Police)
GRP062 New MFG, Mauser, HSC
GRP082 New MFG, Papa Nambu
GRP034 New MFG, Remington, Model 51 ayto (no metal plates)
GRP032 New MFG, Remington, Over/Under Derringer
GRP033 New MFG, Remington, Zig-Zag
GRP022 New MFG, S&W  .44 DA
GRP020 New MFG, S&W .32 caliber Top Break
GRP019 New MFG, S&W .38 caliber DA Top Break
GRP021 New MFG, S&W, # 3 America
GRP046 New MFG, Sauer, 38 - H
GRP043 New MFG, Sauer, Model 1914 
GRP044 New MFG, Sauer, Model 1914 Long
GRP045 New MFG, Sauer, Model 1930
GRP037 New MFG, Savage, Model 1917 .32 caliber
GRP041 New MFG, Stevens, Model 10
GRP048 New MFG, Tokarev, C.C.C.P. (no metal)
GRP052 New MFG, Walther, Model 2 & 5
GRP053 New MFG, Walther, Model 4
GRP054 New MFG, Walther, Model 6
GRP055 New MFG, Walther, Model 7
GRP057 New MFG, Walther, Model 9
GRP051 New MFG, Walther, PP, .380 & .32 caliber
GRP080 New MFG, Walther PPK 1pc
GRP058 New MFG, Webley, .32 caliber auto
GRP059 New MFG, Webley, MK III
GRP086 New MFG, Webley, MK VI Military

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GRP135 Original .45 1911 Grips Black hard rubber Diamond checkered
GRP088 Original, Astra .25
GRP103 Original, Browning 1910 .32 New
GRP102 Original, Browning 1910 .32 Used
GRP113 Original, Buffalo Scout .22 SA Revolver 
GRP105 Original, Charter Arms Bulldog round butt w/o medallions
GRP104 Original, Charter Arms Bulldog sq. butt w/o medallions
GRP111 Original, Colt Jr. .25 new wood
GRP106 Original, Czech Duo .25 
GRP094 Original, Desert Eagle original new          
GRP097 Original, Dog head small frame revolver I.J. new orig. Beautiful design
GRP098 Original, Fat I.J. small frame dog head in middle of grip for solid frame revolver, new orig.
GRP179 Original, FN Made Composition Browning Hi Power Grips - pulled from guns we cannibalized. Excellent condition.
GRP107 Original, Hi Standard B  
GRP108 Original, Hi Standard HA & HE
GRP109 Original, Hi Standard HD           
GRP110 Original, Hi Standard Single Action Revolver
GRP093 Original, Llama .380 new original
GRP120 Original, Makarov
GRP092 Original, Mannlicher 1905 pistol wood new. Needs grip screw to be drilled.
GRP095 Original, Ruger security six – exc. wood orig.



Original, S&W G.I. Walnut - from S&W M10 revolver in round butt, Magna style. Will fit other similarly configured "K" frame Smiths. V.G. condition w/S&W monogram -

Grip screws sold separately. SW040

GRP072 Original, S&W WWII Victory Model Square Butt Checkered w/o diamonds VG - EXC
GRP169 Original, S&W WWII Victory Model Square Butt Checkered w/o diamonds GOOD - VG
GRP170 Original, S&W WWII Victory Model Square Butt Checkered w/o diamonds VG - EXC (SELECT)
GRP164 Original, S&W WWII Victory Model Square Butt Checkered with diamonds, Early GOOD - VG
GRP171 Original, S&W WWII Victory Model Square Butt Checkered with diamonds, Early VG - EXC (SELECT)
GRP079 Original, S&W WWII Victory & M10 Uncheckered Used, VG w/orig. screw
GRP099 Original, S&W M&P Magna grip square butt plastic, new
GRP089 Original, S&W M1906 new
GRP090 Original, S&W Model 39 wood V.G. orig.         
GRP101 Original, S&W orig. small frame top break revolver grip new 
GRP091 Original, S&W Small frame revolver chiefs etc new wood orig. 
GRP166 Original, Swedish M40 Lahti Pistol
GRP100 Original, Small frame Iver Johnson revolver owl head – new orig. beautiful design new 
GRP096 Original, Star Model F .22/.32 380 auto new orig.
GRP112 Original, Wallan .32 Auto, original
We bought these 15 years ago & never dug ‘em out. All are in original packaging. Some are in small quantity. GRP181 VIEW LIST HERE
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