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Sarco, Inc. Easton Pennsylvania

AK 47

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  • This stock is designed after the highly desirable Galil pattern
  • All components manufactured of high military grade composite
  • All made in USA as ATF compliant parts
  • All have a life time warrantee
  • These are highest quality products not goods made to assemble cheap mass market guns
  • Desirable “black rifle” finish

AK Folding Stock (Galil pattern)

Fits stamped receiver Model AKs
Stock is equipped with a positive frame locking system to keep stock rigid when open
Ribbed butt pad absorbs recoil & prevents slipping on your shoulder

AK M16A4 Pattern Collapsible Stock

 Desirable latch 6 position stock for all body sizes – adjust to body armor position
  No gunsmithing required to install on your AK – fits the standard AK tang. Fits stamped receiver AK.
 Collapsed at 8.25” length extended at 12.25”
  Ergonemetrically designed for ultimate comfort in use  AK024

Galil pattern Handguard for your AK

Reduces heat & improves ventilation because of a greater cooling area around the barrel. Modeled after the superlative Galil handguard. Works around the gas tube (no modification) & has a removable top cover if you prefer the aesthetics of the open top. Is a companion to & matches the Saw pattern AK pistol grip.Cleaning rod frictions as with original handguard  Installation is simple, quick & easy   AK026

Complete sets to convert your AK to the 21st Century mode
– consists of stock set handguard & saw grip -

 Complete 3 pc. Collapsible stock complete set (M16A4 pattern)


 Complete 3 pc. Folding stock set (Galil pattern)

Call for quantity discount

Replace your ugly furniture on our WASR 10 or other AK Semi -
The Galil is the ultimate development of the AK so their Galil patten furniture is truly at home on an AK.

AK004 AK/MAK Loader Speed
AK003 AK/MAK New Generation Weaver mount w/1" tactical ring
AK013 Blank Adapter
AK010 Bolt Carrier w/Piston
AK005 Cleaning Kit
AK007 Drum Magazine Pouch 75 rd
AK012 Extractor
AK018 Flash Hider - M16 type Bird Cage
(threaded and has detent notches for flash hider lock)
U.S. compliant part.
AK033 Flash Hider - 3 prong, M16 pattern
Not for sale in NJ
AK011 Hammer Spring
AK006 Magazine Conversion
AK016 Magazine Pouch 30 rd New
AK017 Magazine Pouch w/4 Magazines
AK009 Magazine Slabe side 
AK014 Night Sight Set Original w/Dead Element
AK008 Recoil Spring
AK022 Rifle Accessory Kit
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