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Sarco, Inc. Easton Pennsylvania

1919A4 / A6 BROWNING M.G. Parts


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We now have an extended charging handle for your Browning A4 - This gives you a handful when you change your baby! The original handle is far to short for comfort and positive action. Gets you a 2 finger grip (1 1/4"). Our new version has a bell mouth on the end of the handle. We have been out of these for 8 months and now have the new model in stock. Great price!...  A4207


New model cradle assembly available for 1919A4 & MAG58 (2 sets of holes). Mounts on all U.S. standard vehicle mount sockets... A4240 View Photo

Proper ammo can holder for this mount... MNT044


A4214 ANM2 cable charger
A4112 8x57mm feed way spacer
A4153 1917 backplate
A4146 1917 blank adaptor
A4197 1917 flash hider
A4193 1917 movable base
A4250 1917 pistol grip set, new 
A4145 1917 rear sight base spring
A4180 1917 steam condenser hose
A4219 1917 top cover stripped
A4142 1917 top cover latch
A4166 1917 water cooled gun cover
A4165 1917 water jacket
A4194 1917 windage knob
A4181 1918 aluminum belt filling machine conversion
A4196 1918 belt loader belt hold down plate
A4120 1918 needles belt filling machine
A$237 1919a4 adjustable front sight post
A4227 1919a4 blank Adapter G.I.
A4129 1919a4 .22 supplimental chamber
A4161 1919a4 .308 rear cart spacer
A4169 1919a4 22 belt adaptor
A4049 1919a4 30 cal survival pack - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
A4027 1919a4 .30-06 barrel, U.S., excellent bore
A4185 1919a4 .30-06 barrel good bore, could have some corrosion outside
A4182 1919a4 .30-06 barrel GOT WET RUSTY
A4028 1919a4 .308 barrel very good full chrome lined
A4187 1919a4 .308 barrel Got wet - rusty - decorator or clean up
A4084 1919a4 30-06 barrel lock spring
A4100 1919a4 30-06 belt holding pawl
A4137 1919a4 30-06 booster
A4116 1919a4 30-06 links, new
A4047 1919a4 30-06 parts set
A4065 1919a4 30-06 stripped bolt
A4007 1919a4 30-06 top cover assembly
A4187 1919a4 308 barrel GOT WET RUSTY
A4085 1919a4 308 barrel lock spring 
A4101 1919a4 308 belt holding pawl
A4172 1919a4 308 booster
A4130 1919a4 308 cartridge spacer sets
A4195 1919a4 308 feed pawl
A4132 1919a4 308 front cartridge spacer
A4115 1919a4 308 links, new, original IMI Israeli for 1919A4, A6 & 1917 Browning to be converted to .308. These are reusable links - can be used for .308, .30-06, or 8x57mm
A4046 1919a4 308 parts set
A4066 1919a4 308 stripped bolt
A4008 1919a4 308 top cover assembly
A4124 1919a4 8mm barrel stop and booster set
A4123 1919a4 8mm booster
A4012 1919a4 A6 flash hider lock
A4013 1919a4 A6 flash hider
A4208 1919a4 A6 carry handle, grade B rusty
A4076 1919a4 accelerator 
A4054 1919a4 accessory Kit - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
A4106 1919a4 adjustable front sight late style
A4237 1919a4 adjustable front sight post  
A4039 1919a4 adjustable screw plunger spring
A4044 1919a4 backplate complete
A4125 1919a4 barrel cover M9 
A4086 1919a4 barrel extension, stripped, exc cond.
A4192 1919a4 barrel extension, stripped, new in wrap
A4024 1919a4 barrel extension assy
A4108 1919a4 barrel jacket
A4110 1919a4 barrel jacket screw
A4149 1919a4 barrel jackets grade 3 
A4077 1919a4 barrel plunger
A4078 1919a4 barrel plunger spring
A4140 1919a4 belt adaptor set of 100
A4147 1919a4 belt feed lever
A4033 1919a4 belt feed lever bushing nut
A4190 1919a4 belt feel lever nut bushing
A4034 1919a4 belt feed lever nut washer
A4032 1919a4 belt feed lever pivot
A4163 1919a4 belt feed pawl pin
A4173 1919a4 belt feed pawl spring
A4148 1919a4 belt feed slide
A4245 1919a4 blaster barrel .30-06
A4246 1919a4 blaster barrel .308 (7.62mm)
A4022 1919a4 bolt assembly 308
A4128 1919a4 bolt pouch
A4094 1919a4 bottom plate
A4133 1919a4 bottom plate rivet
A4089 1919a4 bracket belt holding pawl
A4083 1919a4 breech lock
A4098 1919a4 breech lock cam
A4118 1919a4 broken shell extractor
A4040 1919a4 buffer Disc
A4041 1919a4 buffer Plate
A4214 1919a4 bushing windage screw
A4092 1919a4 cam extractor
A4091 1919a4 cam feed extractor
A4136 1919a4 Canadian BHP Bracket
A4209 1919a4 Canadian C1 feed slide
A4210 1919a4 Canadian C1 feed pawl
A4211 1919a4 Canadian C1 belt holding pawl
A4212 1919a4 Canadian C1 bolt stripped
A4213 1919a4 Canadian C1 extractor
A4135 1919a4 Canadian Front Cart. Stop
A4134 1919a4 Canadian Rear Cart. Stop
A4170 1919a4 M13 gun cover for A4 w/leather cocking handle pro trunion, new
A4243 1919a4 canvas pouch
A4247 1919a4/a6 carry handle Israeli
A4020 1919a4 charging handle
A4073 1919a4 cocking lever
A4072 1919a4 cocking lever pin
A4048 1919a4 combination 308/30-06 set
A4251 1919A4 conversion kit to .30-06 (barrel good condition)
A4252 1919A4 conversion kit to .30-06 (barrel exc. condition)
A4029 1919a4 cotter pin for top cover bolt nut
A4171 1919a4 cover extractor spring
A4164 1919a4 cover for gun and cradle
A4063 1919a4 driving rod assembly
A4068 1919a4 ejector
A4067 1919a4 ejector and  plunger pin
A4057 1919a4 extractor
A4069 1919a4 extractor plunger
A4070 1919a4 extractor plunger spring
A4191 1010a4 feed pawl .30-06
A4061 1919a4 firing pin spring
A4060 1919a4 firing pin spring pin
A4062 1919a4 firing pin stripped 
A4059 1919a4 firing pin with spring
A4003 1919a4 fixed plate
A4009 1919a4 flash hider
A4105 1919a4 front cartridge stop
A4244 1919a4 front sight blade
A4178 1919a4 front sight lock screw
A4107 1919a4 front sight screw
A4056 1919a4 headspace Timing Gauge
A4010 1919a4 large barrel bearing lock ring 
A4097 1919a4 late style top cover latch with plunger
A4095 1919a4 left hand side plate
A4126 1919a4 live round stop
A4023 1919a4 lock frame assy
A4082 1919a4 lock frame stripped
A4004 1919a4 movable plate
A4253 1919a4 muzzle bearings w/muzzle extensions 8 3/4" overall
A4254 1919a4 muzzle bearings w/muzzle extensions 16 1/2" overall
A4117 1919a4 muzzle bearing wrench
A4139 1919a4 new leather shielded barrel cover
A4002 1919a4 nut for top cover bolt
A4075 1919a4 pin accelerator/ breech lock
A4102 1919a4 pin belt holding pawl
A4090 1919a4 pintle plate
A4014 1919a4 pistol grip, one piece, used, good
A4038 1919a4 plunger adj screw
A4157 1919a4 rear sight wind knob
A4160 1919a4 rear sight wind knob detent
A4158 1919a4 rear sight wind knob pin
A4159 1919a4 rear sight wind knob spring detent
A4141 1919a4 rear top plate rivet
A4064 1919a4 recoil spring
A4121 1919a4 rivet for cam extractor and cam feed extractor
A4206 1919a4 rivet bottom plate
A4052 1919a4 rivet set
A4131 1919a4 saftey bar
A4037 1919a4 screw adjusting back plate 
A4099 1919a4 screw breech lock cam
A4042 1919a4 screw for stock spring
A4030 1919a4 screw top cover pivot
A4074 1919a4 sear
A4162 1919a4 sear semi auto 
A4058 1919a4 sear spring
A4234 1919a4 semi trigger
A4177 1919a4 shorty kit - shortie barrel & jackets for semi & full auto A4's
A4011 1919a4 small barrel bearing lock ring

1919A4 Spade Grips – These are the Cadillac of spade grips. They are built by a U.S. military contractor so you know they are the best. Uses full size .50 handles so your hands are not cramped. Serrated trigger pad so your thumb wont slip off. Heavy steel construction assembled and parkerized, just drop them on. Limited supply View Photo

A4103 1919a4 spring belt holding pawl
A4005 1919a4 spring for top cover bolt
A4055 1919a4 spring leaf rear sight
A4127 1919a4 spring kit 
A4236 1919a4 stock spring
A4001 1919a4 stock with clamp
A4104 1919a4 stop short round
A4045 1919a4 stripped backplate
A4071 1919a4 stripped extractor
A4242 1919a4 Tool & Maintenance Kit for Browning A4. 1917, M37
A4006 1919a4 top cover bolt
A4096 1919a4 top cover latch 
A4168 1919a4 top cover stripped 30-06 
A4183 1919a4 top cover stripped exc condition 
A4093 1919a4 top plate
A4081 1919a4 trigger
A4079 1919a4 trigger pin
A4080 1919a4 trigger spring
A4154 1919a4 tripod cover
A4087 1919a4 trunion
A4088 1919a4 trunion hard chrome
A4031 1919a4 washer belt feed lever pivot
A4043 1919a4 washer for stock spring
A4155 1919a4 windage scale
A4248 1919a4 windage scale screw
A4119 1919a4 windage screw
A4025 1919a6 30-06 barrel excellent
A4205 1919a6 .30-06 barrel Stellite
A4026 1919a6 .308 barrel
A4109 1919a6 barrel jacket
A4018 1919a6 bipod bearing
A4017 1919a6 bipod Israeli
A4015 1919a6 bipod retaining ring
A4016 1919a6 bipod U.S. 
A4241 1919a6 booster cap, 100% perfect reproduction
A4256 1919a6 Browning Kit - See Current Shotgun News Ad For Details
A4019 1919a6 carrying handle - Grade A - new w/few spots of rust, may have minor water discoloration on wood - will clean up
A4035 1919a6 stock clamp
A4231 M37 barrel extension
A4230 M37 backing damaged (bullet) easy for fix for dummy gun
A4174 M37 belt feed pawl spring
A4229 M37 cocking stud
A4150 M37 driving rod
A4151 M37 driving spring
A4249 M37 feed slide
A4198 M37 front stop
A4144 M37 rear retracting bar bracket
A4143 M37 retracting bar
A4228 M37 safety
A4216 M37 top plate
A4152 M37 top cover latch spring


(star) MHard to find: The metal clip for the bottom of the late A4 rear grip to latch back the T&E mechanism A4236


Original Israeli Multiple Caliber 3 Segment Browning Timing Gages

Applicable to: .50 cal BMG, 1919A4 & other Brownings in 8x57mm, 1919A4 & other Brownings in 7.62 NATO (.308), and can probably also be used in .30-06 1919A4 & other Brownings as .308 is .030 to .116 & .30-06 is .303 to .120

A very convenient and useful gage set for your tool kit. Note: 8x57mm gages have never been available before. We include a translation with this gage set as they are marked in Hebrew. Highest Israeli quality hard chrome.



A4222 Firing pin & striker  
A4223 Striker only  
A4224 Activating piston  
A4225 Chute  
A4226 Bolt  

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